Do Thai girls like Indian men?

Do Thai girls like Indian men?

Many Indians frequently travel to and visit Thailand in the hope that they will finally lose their virginity before they turn 40 years of age. Indian men are considered very desperate and dateless. The majority of Thai women are disgusted by Indian and Arab men, who expect that just by arriving to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket they will have gorgeous young sexy Thai girls try themselves at them. This train of thought could not be any more further from the truth – Thai girls hate Indian men!

The main reasons why Thai girls really don’t like Indian men is the fact that they are very poor people, come from a very poor country, and also stink like a dead rat. Thai women are Buddhists. They love Buddha very much and they want absolutely nothing to do with Hinduism, and people who did not like to eat cows. Thai women absolutely love a nice roasted steak.

Indian men travel in groups to Thailand

We find that there are many middle-aged groups of Indian men who often travel to Thailand together. They come here together as a group of friends, who have all saved up for 10 years since they were 30 to lose their virginity by their 40th birthday.

So after 10 years of saving money for this trip the Indian man board a flight to Phuket International airport, jump out, try and familiarise themselves with the area, and head straight for the nearest Phuket brothel. When Thai girls who worked at the Phuket brothel see that it is Indian men who were next in line to use their service, the Thai girls make no hesitation at jacking the price up. They know that these Indian men are desperate and will pay whatever it is they need to, to lose their virginity. Thai girls know that the sole reason why Indian men visit Thailand is just to lose their virginity.

What do Thai girls think of Indian men?

Thai girls hate the fact that Indian men never use deodorant also in a shower. Thai girls are very clean people, and they try and smell beautiful and sexy all the time. This frustrates the Thai girl, as Indian men don’t respect the troubles that Thai girls go to, to freshen up, bathe and shower – just like the rest of the world.

Indian man having sex in Thailand with girls

Indian man having a bath in dirty water

Also India is the poorest country in the world. This is not at all appealing to Thai people, especially not Thai women. Thai women want rich husbands who can provide and look after the girls and their children. Put simply, Thai girls are looking for real men.

Advice to Indians travelling to Thailand

If you are an Indian man who is looking to come to Thailand to get lots of cheap sex from Thai women, we would strongly suggest you to think again. Thai women are not easy to have sex with. Indian men will find that Thai girls will charge them a lot of money to have sex with them. Usually 2 to 3 times more than if a Thai prostitute had a Caucasian client.

Thai girls were like Indian men if they have a lot of money. We sincerely hope that you plan to bring a lot of money to Thailand, as the Thai women will bleed you dry financially.