Scooter Hire in Thailand

Scooter Hire In Thailand For Trips To Phuket And Beyond

When you travel to Thailand, you may soon realize that many of the locations that you can travel to are just a short distance away. Instead of walking, taking the bus, or traveling by current motor vehicle, you might want to consider renting a scooter. In some areas of the world, this type of transportation is usually reserved for those that are perhaps traveling to and from classes at a very large university. They are also used in large cities, but when you get to Thailand, this is one of the primary ways that you can get around, and there are several things to consider before renting one to make sure you get the best deal.

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Are you prepared to hire a scooter from a dodgy place like this?

How Much Should They Cost?

To put into perspective the reason that scooters are so affordable is to consider the actual retail value of one in that country. In United States dollars, it would cost just over 1000 dollars, but to rent one, is about 10 dollars for one day. Additionally, the cost of gasoline is very cheap on Thailand, and so you can really travel quite a bit on a very limited budget. For those that have never written on a scooter, or even a motorcycle before, it can take a little bit of time to get used to. If you have ridden a bike, which most people have, you should have no problem at all acclimating to this self-propelled vehicle. Once you understand how to turn it on, and discover where the accelerator, breaks, and gearshift is, you will be ready to go.

Things To Avoid Doing When Renting A Scooter

There are some very strange stories that have come out of Thailand from people that have traveled there and have attempted to rent a scooter. There are several things that you should never do, which people have done in the past, which are simply not necessary. If you come to a scooter rental facility that requires you to surrender your passport as some type of collateral that you will return with their vehicle, it’s time to go to another rental facility. This is because if they are then they may also be bold enough to not give it back, which could cause significant difficulties. Another thing to do before you rent a scooter is to do research online where you can see what other people have said about these facilities. There are also reports of lesser-known scooter rental companies that will say something was damaged after you have returned it, and demand that you pay. Instead of leaving your passport, the best form of collateral is to leave a deposit, which typically translates to $100 American dollars. This will be the best choice to make, and even if you do not get your money back due to a bogus claim that something was wrong after you returned it, it’s a lot better than losing your passport.

Things That You Must Do While Riding Your Scooter

It is absolutely imperative that you have a helmet with your rental, and you need to where it wherever you happen to go. The helmets that they have available are typically not as well designed as you would find for a motorcycle in the US, but at least it is going to provide some form of protection. In Thailand, it is actually mandatory that you wear a helmet, and you could actually get a ticket from one of the local officials for not having it on your head. Therefore, even if you receive a rental helmet that is actually pretty bad, it’s better than nothing, and it must be worn so that your stay in Thailand does not involve any potentially dangerous injuries and of course finds that you will have to pay if you are caught not wearing one by the authorities.

What To Do Once You Have Your Scooter

Once you have gone through the process of signing the contract regarding the scooter, and you are on your way, there are a few things that you want to do. First of all, get used to riding one if you have never done this before, and even if you are an expert, the one that you have at home may not operate in the same way. If you are traveling with a companion, and they will be writing on back, also get used to balancing while they are riding with you. Finally, after you are done with your vacation, and you are headed home, never fill up the tank as they are supposed to be virtually empty, unlike what a car rental facility typically demands with a gas tank filled to the top.

After you have practiced riding around, and you are confident with your skills, it’s simply time to get on the road. You should start by following the crowd, watching how they maneuver down the street, and start to go to one of your destinations. You need to have a general idea of where you are going as it is dangerous to try to find your way on a map if that is all you have brought with you. Many people will bring a GPS, but these are sometimes hard to hear while you are driving because you are not inside an enclosed area, plus there may not be a place to mount the GPS unit so that you can see where you are going. If driving a Scooter is not working for you, there are always alternatives such as regular vehicles and walking if possible. Either way, it’s a great experience when looking for a scooter hire in Thailand, and these tips will make sure that you get the best deal.} else {