Rawai – Phuket – Thailand

Rawai Tourist Information

Are you headed over to Thailand this year, specifically to Phuket Island? If you are, you might want to deviate your travel just a little bit and head over to Rawai. Perhaps you are an enthusiast, an expert of Muay Thai martial arts, and if you are, you will definitely be at home. There are so many things to see, aside from the beautiful coastal areas and snorkeling that you can do in this location that most people do not go even though it is adjacent to Phuket.

Overview Of Rawai

Rawai represents the very first beach that was designated for tourists once Phuket began to grow in popularity as a destination for travelers worldwide. It’s about 17 kilometers from Phuket town, a place where you can see beautiful casuarina trees along the way, and a place where you can depart to many of the other surrounding islands. That is actually one of the unique aspects of anything in this area of Thailand, the sheer number of small islands that you can travel to by boat. Many people travel to Coral Island, a destination that is located not too far away, a place where snorkelers and people that like to finish often end up. Once you arrive, you will see fisherman that make their living, going out on the waters to get their catch of the day. This is how the Sea Gypsies Fish Market is able to provide all of the fresh fish that you can purchase on Rawai Beach, and also help the local community.

Best Beach In Rawai

There is only one beach that faces the East on the very south of Phuket called Laem Ka Beach, a place that can be somewhat romantic. It is the only location on the shores of Phuket where you can watch the rising sun. It offers excellent swimming, and is a picnic spot that many locals know about, and tourists are becoming more familiar with. You can then head on over to Promthep Cape, one of the most highly photographed locations because of the beautiful sunsets that gives the impression that you can look for ever across the water.

Where Can You Stay In Rawai

There are quite a few hotels, and more being built every year, for those that are in the Rawai area. There are the standard Rawai Beach Hotels that offer special discount rates, and extreme luxury for those that can afford it. As you are traveling over Patong Hill, you will start to catch glimpses of where you might like to stay, and there are also excellent places to eat, shop, and experience the nightlife. As you would imagine, most tourists will be at restaurants that are right on the water, plus there are many bars that you can frequent. Among the top hotels include Navatara Phuket Resort, Phu NaNa Boutique Hotel, and The Vijitt Resort Phuket. This final choice has some of the highest reviews, not only in regard to people liking this location, but thousands of people have stated their right on the beach and have thoroughly enjoyed their time at Rawai.

Once you have settled then, you can of course travel to many other locations, including going to Phuket which is right over the hill. It is a small enough area where you can choose to do multiple things throughout the day, and make your way back to your hotel before dark. Since it is an equatorial location, you have about 12 to 13 hours where it is light enough to do so many things. Whether you decide to take a trip to one of the neighboring islands, go snorkeling, scuba diving, or simply sit on the beach to get your tan, these are all things that are available for you. If you are traveling to Phuket in the next few months, you might want to consider booking a room on the Rawai side just to experience how wonderful actually is. It will not take you away from the tours of the jungles, or even getting to see the Big Buddha, one of the top attractions on Phuket, a place that may soon become your favourite travel destination.