Kata – Phuket – Thailand

Kata, Phuket, Thailand is a 20 min motorbike ride or taxi/tuk tuk lift North of Patong, or just 5 minutes north of Karon. You will know you are in kata, as nearly every other caucasian will be Russian. Russian tourists absolutely love Kata, and it doesn’t take a genius to learn why – Kata is beautiful, from the beaches, to the resorts and the European styled architecture of the many buildings.

Many people get off the plane at the international airport, hop in a taxi and head for Patong. Once they arrive, they are thinking, ‘WOW… This place looks nothing at all like the glossy photos in the magazine and brochures my travel agent gave me! what’s going on?!’ – It’s safe to say that many of those pictures, that paint a picture of Paradise in Phuket, are NOT taken in Patong, but a lot would definitely be taken in Kata and surrounds.