Hospitals In Phuket

Best Hospitals In Phuket

Travelling to Phuket is great and there is so much to do in this wonderful place, but you also have to find the right hospitals. There are some that are good and others that are not as high on the list of places to visit.

You just have to secure the top five hospitals and know where they are located to have a good understanding of Phuket. Just get these written down and you will be safe in terms of your health while in the area and looking to have a bit of fun.

Each person’s opinion is different, but these are the top five in general.

1) Mission Hospital

This is the big one and it is right at the top. It is highly rated and they provide some of the best care you will ever see. All of the best doctors are in this hospital and they are always available. Most patients are seen at Mission Hospital because they are clean and do a wonderful job.

If you want ultimate care and just want to be cured, you will want to go to this hospital. It is the safest bet you are going to have in terms of hospitals within Phuket. It is just perfect and would fit in any setting.

2) Phuket International Hospital

Located on 44 Chalermprakiat Ror 9 Rd, this is another fantastic facility. They are right up there with Mission Hospital and have a great team who do a great job. They are professional and are able to provide treatment to all patients who are coming in.

The hospital is clean and modern. One of the best things about them would be their equipment. They use all of the modern day treatments you would find around the world and that is always soothing. You will know the treatment is going to be top notch because of the equipment alone.

3) Bangkok Hospital

The next hospital would be this one and it is quite good as well. You won’t feel that bad going to this location and the staff is nice. They are professional and courteous with how they treat all patients and that is nice. They are also located in a good place which means you can access them from everywhere.

Bangkok Hospital is just a perfect fit for anyone that is looking to get to a good hospital.

It is in the Mueang Phuket District and should be an easy find for anyone that is looking. It is a great place and quite clean.

4) Patong Hospital

The Patong Hospital does not get enough recognition compared to the others but is a nice one for all patients. It is located in Kathu and is a government hospital. The best part about them is they are cheap and that is always nice if you are looking to save money.

Patong hospital phuket

Patong hospital phuket

If you have a minor condition, you should be looking to head here because they are good at what they do and will be cheap.

It is also clean and they are not going to push you while inside the hospital. They are prompt and care about the patients.

5) Thalang Hospital

The final one on the list would be this one. It is located in Thalang district and is a nice one for those who are in the area. It is easy to access and they have great equipment inside for those who want to be comforted by that.

The staff is great and that is always nice while going to the hospital in Phuket. You want to have it clean and this is definitely able to offer that to patients.

A hospital is only good when you are able to get great care and receive treatment that is effective. You cannot visit a hospital in any city that does not do this because why would you be paying them then? If you are in Phuket, you should only revolve around these five hospitals because they are the best and easy to access.

You don’t need to look at any other hospitals and it is always recommended to stay with these. It is just safer and it is the one most people rely on in the city. If you would like to check out the Bangkok Hospital list, click here.