If you see this sign, STOP. come in for a drink or a bite to eat and enjoy the magnificent views!

My favourite place to eat in Phuket, happens to be in Kata. You have a choice of 2 restaurants at the top of the hill, just a 2 minute drive out of Kata, going South, heading towards Rawai. The reason these restaurants, with a view above ‘PU Island’ is not so much the food – (although the food is exquisite, and the range is huge, from seafood, to Pizza, to Thai to lmost anyhting a restaurant serves up as food!) The reason is simply the view!


ko pu island karon

Look out to Ko Pu Island in the distance from the Karon viewpoint restaurants

The island in the distance, I was told by the helpful Thai waiter that it is named ‘Pu Island’ however his pronounciation sounded more like a BOO sound. The view is just stunning. Truly Picturesque.

view from Karon viewpoint restaurants

view from Karon viewpoint restaurants.

Being a vegetarian in Thailand is hardly challenging. The food menu’s at all restaurants are choc-a-bloc full of all types of food and different cuisines from all over the world.

My non-alcoholic drink of choice is always the coconut juice. These coconuts are grown locally and are as fresh as you can get. The barman cuts them oper and serves them as they are, but just throws a straw in it.. and off you go! Yum!

Most times the coconuts have been stored in the fridge and taste fantastic cold, but the best part about them is the spoon that you are served with them, so after you have done drinking the godly coconut juice, you can have a crack at scooping the coconut met from the insides of the coconut, and it becomes your tasty dessert!

drinking coconut juice in Thailand

This was probably the best coconut I have ever consumed… you can work out for yourself why!



Thai vegetables

These vegetables were cooked in ‘red sauce’ and were treat to eat with the Vegetarian Fried Rice.

Vegetarian Fried rice in Phuket Thailand

Who needs meat in your rice when it tastes this good?