How to Buy Valium in Phuket?

Are you wanting to know what pharmacy has Valium for sale in Phuket?


One of the benefits for many tourists in Thailand is the ease of buying Benzodiazepine‘s in pharmacies over the counter. However, only SELECT FEW pharmacies actually are able to sell Valium over the counter as it still considered hard to acquire.

We believe Valium is only sold over the counter in 1 in every 250 pharmacies in Phuket. While possible to get, it is incredibly hard to find.

10mg Valium in Phuket

Valium can be purchased in Pharmacies in Phuket region of Thailand

As you can see, this is a Thai packet of 10mg Diazepam in Phuket.

What Pharmacies sell Valium and Xanax in Phuket?

We know the pharmacy’s that sell Valium and Xanax in Phuket. If you would like to know where you can buy Valium in Patong, Karon, Kata, Chalong and Rawai you may contact us at

diazepam in Patong

What drugs can you buy over the counter in Thailand?

Thailand is considered to be very handy and convenient for foreigners who need to buy drugs for their illness much easier and a lot cheaper than they can back home . Many drugs from Asthma medications (salbutamol and Seretide) to pain killers (ibuprofen, Lyrica, codeine)

Valium can be a very addictive drug. If you think you could be addicted to Diazepam please visit this site here for information for addicts.


Buy valium online from Thailand

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Other drugs that can be purchased in Phuket are Viagra and Cialis. These two are popular medicines to take for people with Erectile Dysfunction or the typical sex tourists who wish to perform for their prostitute longer.


We urge tourists in Thailand who buy Valium in Phuket not to mix the Drugs with alcohol. This can be a deadly combination.