Bangkok Tourist Information

Useful Bangkok Tourist Information To Help You On Your Next Trip

When you travel to Thailand, if you are not headed to Phuket, you might be headed to the most populous city in all of Thailand which is called Bangkok. Even if you are in Phuket, it is only 11 hours drive north, very close to the border of Cambodia. It is a beautiful city, one that has been featured in many movies, and many songs have been written about this beautiful destination that everyone should see at least once. If you are traveling there this year, here is some useful Bangkok tourist information that can help you on your next trip.

Overview Of Bangkok

This is a city that has close to 15,000,000 people, specifically in the metropolitan region. It is close to the Chao Phraya River, and its origins can be traced all the way back to the fifteenth century, a center for trade when it was called Siam. Many political struggles led to the abolishment of the monarchy, and is now very modern in the way that politics is conducted, as well as how the economy is operated. It was during the 1990s that many corporations came into the area, making it the travel destination that it is today.

Geography Adjacent To Bangkok

The city is actually located in the central plains through which the Chao Phraya River delta is located. Heavy rains can actually cause significant flooding, and there are no mountains in Bangkok. The climate is regarded as tropical savanna, and there are actually three seasons at this location. It becomes extremely hot, cool, and also has a rainy season, but it is primarily hot and muggy most of the year. However, regardless of the weather or the heat, or even the humidity, Bangkok is one of the top tourist destinations for people that like to travel the world.

What To Do In Bangkok

Although many people may not have traveled there, it is actually ranked fourth in the world according to many that rank travel destinations. In regard to cross-border spending, it is only behind London, Paris and New York in terms of money spent by tourists. There are so many different attractions in the city, and it is certainly much more friendly than it was 30 years ago, a move that has been made possible by investors. It appeals to a very diverse group of tourists that may come in, allowing them to see the ancient Royal palaces, the temples, and of course the dynamic nightlife. Although it has been associated with sex related problems, it has improved in this area considerably. That is why, if you are headed to Thailand, you should go when they are having their annual festivals during April, and also the Golden Mount Fair in November as well as the New Year’s celebration.

Things To Avoid While In Bangkok

If you do go, it is recommended that you go with a guide that can direct you to places that are much more proper for visitors into that country. If you go alone, you could end up running into charlatans that could try to take you, whether they are selling you trinkets that are not valuable at all, or perhaps a fraudulent tour. Make sure that you do your research and know what to do before you arrive so that your trip will be completely safe. It is not a bad city, and is becoming much more well-known as a safe and tourist friendly destination.

Once you have acclimated to this city which most certainly caters to tourists that are there to experience all of the fun and culture that is there, you might consider taking a backpacking trip along Khao San Road, or check out the Plaza at Central World. There are many different sporting events such as kickboxing matches, and there is plenty of art that is displayed for people to see commemorating the history of this rich and diverse culture. You can travel through the city through a series of canals, drive on the roads, or use one of their many rail networks. It is a place that also puts you in a prime location to experience all that Thailand has to offer. Whether you decide to stay there, had north toward Laos, or head down to Phuket, you are simply going to have a fun filled trip when you had to the beautiful city of Bangkok.} else {