Scuba Diving In Phuket


Scuba Diving In Phuket -Thailand


So you’ve been to Bangla Road, you’ve seen a Ping Pong show, you’ve been to the beaches, you’ve even gone on a snorkeling trip to Phi Phi Island, what’s left to do in Patong except plum the seedy depths of your own human spirit?

How about trying scuba diving Phuket or getting your PADI diving license so you can fully explore the magical, mysterious and exciting underwater world of Phuket, Phi Phi and Thailand?



Is Scuba Diving Hard To Learn?

There is one golden and unbreakable rule when it comes time to start learning how to scuba dive. Your instructor, guide or dive buddy will always tell you this…

“Breathe Normally”

That’s about the only thing you need to be able to do right now to be able to walk into a dive shop and sign up to get your PADI Open Water (entry level diving license). You might think we are joking about the “Breathe Normally” thing, but if you can do that, you can scuba dive.

So no, scuba diving is not hard to learn, barely an inconvenience, plus you’ll undoubtedly love it and it’s the closest thing to being in space we can offer on Earth, it’s pretty cool.



Do I Need To Know How To Swim?

Here is a simple question to ask yourself, would you go sky diving if you couldn’t fly? Well none of us can fly oddly enough and millions of people every year still go sky diving anyway.

Scuba diving is much like sky diving in that the training and usage of the equipment for diving and listening to your PADI instructor will teach you how to scuba dive safely and effectively so that you have lots of fun in the water. Same as learning how to open a parachute after jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!

Swimming is a skill that everyone should be somewhat capable of, the world is 70% covered by water and every hotel you stay at in Phuket or Thailand will have a beautiful swimming pool that you’ll likely want to get in.

Our advice is that knowing how to swim before going scuba diving is definitely very very helpful, but essentially it is not required to go scuba diving. Talk to your dive shop about options for diving options for non-swimmers, like Discover Scuba Diving.





What Can I See Under The Water?

This question is actually better written as what can’t you see under the water? Scuba diving is a bit like being on Safari in the wilds of the African Savannah. Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Chaeta’s oh my the list is endless and underwater it’s even longer.

We have Whales, Turtles, Sharks, Sea Horse, Shrimps, Eels, Crabs, Coral, Manta’s, Sting Rays, Wrecks and literally bazillions of crazy looking fish.

Caption: Crazy fish of all kinds – Painted Frog Fish


Caption: Giant Manta Rays


Caption: Weird and wonderful critters


Caption: Seahorses!!


That is only a tiny snippet of what exists under the water in Phuket, want to see more?

Check out this great scuba diving gallery of underwater photography photos.


Can I Take My Family Scuba Diving?


Scuba diving is probably the safest thing you can do in Phuket besides sleeping. Scuba diving is statistically about 22,000% safer than riding a scooter in Thailand, dealing with Tuk Tuk drivers, marrying a Thai girl or drinking local whiskey.

So yes scuba diving is a family orientated activity, safer than minigolf and again statistically safer than even going swimming at the beach.

Learning to scuba dive with your family is an amazing way to bond and find new shared experiences that will last you a life time and your children will thank you for teaching them.

If you kids don’t want to do it, just mention that scuba diving photos are super popular on Instagram and watch them suit up.


Ok How Do I Sign Up For Scuba Diving


That’s pretty easy as well, here is a list of Phuket’s highest rated dive shops that come recommended by the industries top professionals.

Check out their websites, give them a call, email them day or night and get diving, because no one who ever goes scuba diving regrets it, it’s the best thing since sliced bread and you’ll absolutely love every minute you spend under the water chasing fish.


Phuket Dive Shops


Don’t forget to bring a towel and don’t forget to use reef safe sunscreen when diving or swimming to help protect Thailand’s coral reefs.

Stay safe and happy travels!

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