Pattaya City — Walking Street and Soi 6

play pool with girl in Pattaya
girl playing pool in Pattaya

Fun Times in Pattaya City — Walking Street and Soi 6

A step up on the Pattaya food chain are gogos (Agogos). These are larger, include dancing, and are classier (more expensive).

The main strip of gogos is found on Walking Street. It will most likely be the first sign of the entertainment business you will see after you first arrive in Pattaya.

Walking is at the southern end of Pattaya Bay. It is a street, which at night becomes a pedestrian boulevard. The attraction is that it is lined with dozens of Agogos. There are also small streets running off Walking, which also contain Agogos. In addition to the gogos, there are restaurants, hotels, optometrists (seriously), and most other shops you can imagine, but it is the gogos that make this the fun place that it is.

Pattaya City — Walking Street quicky bar

One of the must-see is “Angel Witch”, near the centre of Walking. Here the girls do put on some acrobatic shows (get your mind out of the gutter). The girls abseil up and down and around and wear fantastic costumes. You are welcome to come in at any time, but the servers are a bit pushy with you buying a drink. The girls are also pricey. Worth it? Certainly to see the show, up to you for the rest.

These gogos are the classy end of the business. They are larger than what you will find elsewhere in Pattaya and have the more decor. Also, the girls are prettier, and hence more expensive. These places also put on shows, but, here reality separates from western fancy. The shows are not that naughty.

Should you even go to Walking? Once upon a time Walking was the heart of the serious boom boom business in Pattaya, now it is more a tourist destination. Walk down the street after dark and you will see more movie cameras recording the ‘glamour’ for the folks back home than you will see hookers. Enter one these Agogos and you will see more people sitting in the back row, wife in tow, watching, but not participating in things. Sad.

Pattaya City — Walking Street anna jet

Pattaya – SOI 6

Soi 6 is your second option in Pattaya—and is highly recommend. It is a small street towards the northern end of central Pattaya, about 500 metres long running between Beach Rd and Second Rd, and filled with dozens of small bars and tiny gogos. There also shops there, but the bars and gogos are the main attraction.

Pattaya City — Walking Street sign in room

Sign in short time room fo Soi 6

The attraction of Soi 6 is that it is dedicated entirely to one pursuit. Sex. All of these bars and gogos contain women, women you can watch dance, who can sit with you, and for you to have sex with.

Soi 6 comes alive in the afternoon and stays busy until midnight when things start to slow. It is a place for expats and the seasoned Pattaya visitor, however, even if you are in town just for a few days this is the place to go if you are interested in getting down to some serious quality time.

Soi 6 differs from Walking St. Soi 6 is not intended for tourists or tour groups. Soi 6 has less glitz, no tourists, and is half the price.

As you walk down the Soi you will see outside each of these fine establishments a half dozen or so girls in sexy costumes sitting. When you walk by they will say something very original—“Hello sexy man”, “Buy me one drink”. The girls of Soi 6 are also more aggressive than elsewhere. They may even try and grab you as you walk past. Your response is up to you (a famous phrase in Thailand). Since these girls weigh half of what you do it should not be a big problem.

If you don’t want to go inside, you can pull away (be careful, these girls are small and fragile). If you want to have some fun, say something like “NO”, “No”, “Help”. That should get a few laughs. If the girls are annoyingly persistent just tickle them somewhere sensitive and they will let go. Maybe give you a dirty look, but they will certainly let go.

It is hard to recommend any particular place, the girls move around a lot, moving from bar to bar, to gogo, to back home, when they have enough money, and back again after they spend it all (or their alcoholic brothers and father). The owners, style, and theme of each bar change also. So, just walk up and down and find a place you like.

short time girl pattaya soi 6

Pattaya City — Walking Street girl short time

The girls here are not a problem. What can be a problem are the lady boys in Soi 6. There are several bars in the centre of the Soi where these ‘girls’ work. They are taller, about your height. They will walk out and grab you, stand in front of you, and ask you to come inside. They are more aggressive than the girls, but not really a problem. Just stand your ground, say “No”, and walk on. If they attempt to grab your hand, your cock take their hands off and keep walking.

In Thailand if you want to indicate that you want someone to stop something, then put your hands out palm outwards in front of you. This is the sign of the Buddha repelling evil (or something like that). Thai people have an ingrained tendency to step back when they see this sign. Don’t over do it, and don’t do it when not needed, but if you are getting hassled make this gesture and 99% of Thais will step back and this will give you moments breathing space.

Find a bar which looks good or a girl who looks even better, and go inside with her. What you will see is not that glamorous, but it is entirely ok. There will be a small bar in the corner, a dozen or so seats and a few booths. You can sit with your drink and your lady in a booth, watch the flat screen (which will show a music video or something of that sort), and fondle your new girlfriend. Some of these larger bars are more gogos than bars, and have a few girls pole dancing, but it is not a big thing in Soi 6. If you want to see a real, big pole dance, stay in Walking St and visit Angel Witch.

Pattaya City — Walking Street a go go girl sexy

If this is your first time follow the usual script. Ask her name, where she comes from, how long she been in Pattaya. You can also ask how old she is if she has children. She, in turn, will ask you a few similar questions in return. All great fun.

Whatever happens, remember this. As a foreigner in Thailand, in Pattaya, you hold the cards. You are the boss, you are the customer. You can walk away and always do better. So, if you are not happy with this girl. If she seems a little reserved, not giving you her full attention, if she talks or texts, if she chats to her friends, then it is time to leave—pay for the drinks, and head out. If she was a little fun, give her a small tip, 100 baht ($3). This will let her know that you are not happy. If she was a total dud, then no tip. Same message, but stronger.

Your purpose is to spend some quality, fun time with a fun girl. If you don’t see that happening walk. Don’t accept any bs.

So, if you happy with your new special lady that you just met two minutes ago, you can sit there, with the pretty girl on your lap, and fondle her delectable young body. Feel free to touch her tits and pussy, but no need to be aggressive, and trimming those fingernails is the courteous thing to do.

However, if you feel that you want to take your new relationship to a new level here is what to do. Tell your new friend (her name will be “Noi”, “Ann”, Pat” or something similar) that you want to barfine her, and ask for the ‘check bin’. She will flounce off, and return with your bill. This will be the price of your drinks and 300 baht for an hour or so of her time. This does not include the payment to her for her special services. If you are happy with the bar and the service add a few baht as a tip, 100 baht will suffice.

After this Noi will lead you to the back of the bar and up the stairs to the rooms above. These will be a few levels of a few small rooms. Sometimes this will be her room. These back stairs and the rooms will look a little grungy, don’t be put off. It is a little rough, but entirely safe.

Here you both shower, ask to shower together.

Many girls, in fact, enjoy their work (or at least fake it well) and will be happy to give you a good scrub down, including playing with your cock.

Back to the room

lay on the bed and the fun begins. Don’t expect anything too imaginative. But certainly a good suck, kissing of your body, and a few positions. As said, some of the girls enjoy their work, so hope for a good ride.

After all is said and down, back to the showers, dress, and then (and not before) hand over 1000 baht ($30) to the girl. This pays for her services. A total cost for the time and the girl of 1,000 baht. Not a bad expenditure, that the cost of two movie tickets ‘back home’.

If you find that you like the girl (certainly she will like you), you can take her ‘long time’, the entire night! Start with the bar fine—it will be more expensive. Something like 800 baht if before 7 pm or maybe 8 pm, depending on the bar, and 500 baht after this time. For the lady? You can offer these girls 1000 baht long time and for a chance to sleep in a comfortable bed with aircon. Some girls will jump at this chance, others will turn you down. Fair enough, just keep looking.

As with most things in Thailand (and in reality, everywhere) bargaining is the thing to do. It can be frustrating at times, sometimes downright annoying, you just want to walk away, but you can have some fun and get some good deals this way. This applies to the girls as to everything else.

If you offer a girl 1,000 bath for a long time she might just say no. Fine. She will then say 2,000 or 1,500 baht. Now it is up to you. You can stand your ground or fold. The bar will prefer her to go, as they will get the bar fine. Have fun.

Most of these bars are owned by expats from somewhere ‘back in the world’. Many of these guys have one or two problems, and living in Thailand is the way to move oneself away from these inconveniences. Often the owner’s Thai wife is the manager, looking after the girls, taking care of communications and generally keeping an eye on things.

play pool with girl in Pattaya

girl playing pool in Pattaya

A comfortable business can be had here if the bar is run like a business. The problem with western men in south-east Asia is that they like to drink, see a bar as a place to drink, buy a bar, and then the problems start. If you own a bar you have to be there most days and nights of the week, not off enjoying yourself elsewhere. Also, drinking in your own bar is a quick way to lose money. A bar or any business requires a clear head.

Accommodation, if you want to live right in this Soi 6 action there are small hotels along the street. Hop off the ‘baht bus’—that eternally circle central Pattaya—and walk along till you find your dream destination. Expect to pay less than a 1,000 baht a day for a single room.

Pattaya is not the backpacker, holiday family place that much of the rest of Thailand is, but, if you know what it is and know what you want it is a great place. Tired of the world back home, dream of a little no-strings fun? Yes—then head to Pattaya City and Soi 6!

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