Beer Bars in Pattaya

Sexy thai girl playing Jenga in Pattaya bar
Sexy thai girl playing Jenga in Pattaya bar

Beer Bars in Pattaya – Have Fun in City of Sin

Beer bars are a popular part of the Pattaya lifestyle. You will find them anywhere and everywhere in the city. A dozen on every small street. They are usually run by a middle-aged Thai woman, sometimes owned by a foreigner, and staffed with a half dozen or so Thai women.

As the name says, these bars sell beer, but more than beer. These bars all have pretty ladies sitting outside their establishment, and, when you walk past, these ladies will call out to you with phrases like “Hello sexy man”, “Would you like one drink?”, “Where you go?”. All designed to attract your attention.

The purpose of these bars is beer, relaxation, and sex. The girls you see are hookers. They make most of their money from sex with customers. Above the bar will be rooms—rooms with beds, showers and often, strategically placed mirrors. Here is how it works.

Beer Bars in Pattaya shark bar

Walk along any of the many fine streets of Pattaya looking for that special place. Most of these bars do not look that glamorous. In fact, they often look run down and just a little dingy and dark, however, here as elsewhere appearances can be deceptive. Most of these are fun places, where you can go inside, sit with a pretty lady, buy yourself one drink, buy the lady one drink (a lady drink), and then relax some more and enjoy yourself.

Make sure her attitude is what it should be. No playing with her phone, no gossiping with the other girls. You should be the centre of her attention.

Chat to your lady of the hour. Usually, the conversation is not overly complex, don’t expect a discussion on post-modernity. If it is your first time with this girl there is a standardised script:

“What is your name?”.
“Where do you come from?”.
“How long you stay Pattaya?”.

Flip these around and ask her. Usually, you will discover that the girl comes from a rural region of Thailand. They come to Pattaya to escape poverty and to make money. Also to get away from a boring life on the farm.

Beer Bars in Pattaya

While it may seem trivial, it is a lot of fun to talk about nothing with a pretty girl, but you will learn a few things about ‘real’ Thailand.
While there your girl can sit on your lap and you can fondle and grope her. Nothing too rough or penetrative, but it can be a fun time. Laugh, joke, buy her a lady drink or two and have some fun, more fun than you had since high school.


The Sex

However, putting aside games for a moment to concentrate on the big game, SEX. If you find a girl you like and who likes you (most girls will), you can take things ‘up stairs’, literally.

The procedure, after you have made your acquaintance and then selection tell your girl that you would like to ‘bar fine’ her. A bar fine pays the bar for her time. This compensates the bar for her ‘down time’. In reality, it is simply one more way the bar has of extracting money from you. The fine for a beer bar is 300 baht ($10).

Ask for your “check bin”—your bill. This will be the cost of your drinks and the bar fine. This 300 baht does not go to the girl, that comes later. NEVER pay in advance for the girl. If you are asked to pay in advance this is most likely one of those rare occasions when you are being ripped off. Unless you are sure of what is going on, pay for your drinks and walk out.

Beer Bars in Pattaya rodeo girls


The payment for the girl’s time is 1000 baht ($30)—did I say Pattaya was a great place?

After a few giggles and maybe a quick word in Thai to her friends in the bar the girl will take you upstairs. The procedure is fairly standard. She will grab a towel, wrap it around herself and then rush into the shower. Thai ladies are shy. This might just seem surprising, but it is the case.

girl in your motel room getting ready for sex

girl in your motel room getting ready for sex

She will walk out of the shower with a big towel wrapped around her. Next, you shower. If you want to, ask the girl to shower with you. Having a sexy lady wash you down is pleasurable, relaxing (in an odd way), and totally fun. Feel free to return the favour. Keep in mind that each girl is different. Some girls love mutual showering and are totally into it, others will refuse. This is where it pays to know a few regulars for when you know what you want and no surprises.

Finished with the showering? Great. The real fun part begins.

You both hop on the bed. Here some of the reality sets in. Few Thai women are sexual sophisticates. For you 1000 baht you can expect to get your dick sucked, a hand job, some groping of her body and pussy (trimmed fingernails is the courteous thing to do). Then the main course, full on penetration.

Again, don’t expect the girls to hang from the ceiling. 90% of these girls will do what you want without trouble, any position, but don’t expect them to volunteer. You must tell them what to do, and in the heat of the moment, this can be a bit of an annoyance.

For example, when you want the girl on top make a gesture above you, when you want her to roll over onto her back, tap the bed. You get the idea, and so will she. This is where a regular girl comes in handy (pardon the pun). She knows what you want and how you communicate. But it is also fun to experiment with a new girl.

The time for ‘short time’ is one to two hours. Most places will say one hour, but you can stretch it to two if you want and can. After it is all over, showers all around, and then pay the girl. If you are happy with her performance give her a 100 baht tip. A total of 1100 baht ($35) for sex. Not a bad deal.

What does Long time mean in Thailand?


If you like the girl you can ask her to go ‘long time’. Long is when you take the girl out of the bar, and she spends the day (night) with you. She will head back to work the next morning.

For the girl offer her 2,000 baht for a night. Of course, some girls will ask for more, particularly the prettier girls. They will ask for 2,000, 3,000 or whatever they think they can get away with. If you want to pay more, ok, but try not to inflate the cost structure. 2,000 baht for a girl, for one night, is big money.


A few things to keep in mind

* The bars make their money from the drinks and bar fines. (Not from the sex, because prostitution is illegal in Thailand).
* There are lots of girls. Don’t get tied to one girl, unless you really really want to be tied. These girls are past masters at making you fall in love.
* These girls work together 12 hours a day, and often two, three or even four share a room. Thus they refer to each other as ‘sister’. So when they talk about their ‘sister’, this is most likely what they mean.
* Tipping. If you are happy, tip. When you pay your check-bin, if you are happy add in 100 baht. A little bit goes a long way, but don’t throw your money away.
* Don’t believe everything a bar girl tells you.

Other things you should know about Beer Bars.�

“Ringing the bell”

Every bar has a prominently placed bell. The idea here is if you ring this bell, you are buying drinks for everyone in the bar! Should you do it? Maybe, but only if you want to. If you have been visiting one bar for a few weeks, are heading back ‘home’, and have been happy here, go for it. You will be an instant celebrity and feel special for at least 10 minutes.

A few things to keep in mind. Drinks for a dozen or more people in a bar can add up. To control this tell the cashier or mamasan that the drinks are only for people in the bar at the time, not for anyone who might come running down the street at the sound of the bell.

After you have rung the bell, the bar might give you a t-shirt or write your name on the ceiling. Such things as fame are made of.


* mamasans


These women are the bar managers. They need to manage the girls, manage the bar, and keep everyone happy. If you have a problem talk to her if you have a question ask her. If you are happy with her buy her one lady drink, to show your appreciation. These women get a lot of bad press, sometimes deservedly, but they have a difficult job.

* Bar opening hours are usually not fixed. They open in the morning, but never early in the morning (try getting a Thai bar girl out of bed early), say between 10.00 – 12.00, and many girls might only drift into work later in the day. Bars stay open late, but usually no later than midnight or possibly 1 am. The bars open every day of the week, usually, the girls get a few days off each month.

There is the usual range of public holidays in Thailand, most seem to be only partially observed as regular holidays by most Thai people (public servants always get the holidays). Sometimes bars are required to close, such as on national elections, but many bars remain open, discreetly.

Other things to do in a bar
This seems surprising to those who have not visited the fine city of Pattaya, but more than sex takes place in these bars. In reality, a lot of guys come here to spend a fun and relaxed time with a few pretty ladies, not boom boom. These men come in, watch the game on a flat screen, hoist a few beers, exchange a few bar stories with other men (complaining about one’s wife—she spends too much money—is always good, as is complaining about Thailand—but no one ever seems to want to go back ‘home’).

But there are other things to do to while away the time. GAMES !



Pool, but your opponents will be bar girls, yet, don’t dismiss their skills. Only play for drinks if you are prepared to lose. These girls play every day to while away the hours. They are usually good!

Pattaya girls playing pool in bar

Pattaya girls playing pool in bar

Never played before? No worries, it is all for fun, relax and learn the game the fun way, with a pretty girl, who you can tease and tickle as you play. Buy her a lady drink for her time.

Jenga / Tower

This is simpler than pool. Fewer rules. Here you have a tower of small wooden bricks, which you have to dismantle without letting it fall over. Again, your girl will be happy to explain the rules.

Four in a Row
Four in a row refers to the goal of the game. Getting four discs of the same colour in a row on a 7×6 space grid. The ‘four in a row’ can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Two people play this game, you and your new friend.

Sexy thai girl playing Jenga in Pattaya bar

Sexy thai girl playing Jenga in Pattaya bar

A beer bar can be your home away from home. Learn the rules, don’t be obnoxiously rude, don’t spend too much, and it will be the time of your life. When you visit Pattaya, make the beer bar your first point of call.

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