What to expect from a Thai massage!

What to expect from a Thai massage!

If you are anything like me, you’ll have a little bit of anticipation behind having your first Thai massage.
You may have heard stories about them being brutal, painful or just not what you are used to!

So what’s involved?


In a traditional Thai body massage, you are clothed in the provided massage wear, this is loose fitting comfortable, linen, bottoms & tops that are adjustable in size.
This clothing allows free movement of your limbs during the massage! Being clothed obviously means there isn’t any oil involved!

Once you are in your appropriate clothing, you’ll have your feet washed! Depending on the quality of the parlour, this may be in flower petals, or just a bowl of water.

Dressed ready & clean, you’ll be guided to the massage area, again, depending on the quality, this may be a private room, or it could be a bed on the floor between other people.
This is where the quality shines through, you’ll either experience a very tranquil setting, or a slightly livelier one!

Thai massage is about gently plying & stretching the muscles. The masseuse will use their whole body against yours, the feet, hands, elbows, it all comes in to play!
Open your eyes & don’t be surprised to see a petit figure standing on you.

Thai massage usually starts from the feet, having the toes & soles gently massaged, working up the lower legs. Your joints will be stretched, gently placing you into positions that open the back & hips.
The masseuse will usually consistently ask if it feels OK for you, so if it’s too strong (or light), just say!

A large proportion of Traditional Thai massage over a 60-90-minute session will focus a lot on the lower body, releasing tensions in the legs is known for assisting the receiver to feel grounded. A calming feeling post massage!

The upper body does receive work too, the back is usually targeted with a little more isolation, working out knots in the upper back & manipulating the spine if it feels OK!

Towards the end of the massage, the masseuse sometimes disappears, this will indicate they are washing their hands before massaging your head.
Some Thai massages will end with a very relaxing head & scalp massage, absolute bliss!

To finish it off, a large percentage of Thai massage will see you sit down & relax in a communal area after & enjoy some herbal tea!

Most massages are available in 60, 90 or 120 min sessions, starting at around 150-300Baht/Hour!
Other types of massage are usually available too, such as hot oil or herbal compress.
Variations of areas to be worked can also be chosen (head., neck & shoulders, foot etc).

Thai massage is available EVERYWHERE is Thailand, at incredibly low prices. They vary in quality & as always, recommendations are always welcome.
You can step up the market & find more premium spas for a top-notch service., but expect to pay a western price.

Experiencing traditional Thai massage whilst travelling Thailand certainly is a must do!

Top tip; Don’t go straight after food, allow time to digest so you feel comfortable!

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