Chang Mai

The Latest Chang Mai Tourist Information

Will you be headed to northern Thailand this year for a vacation? If you will be staying in Bangkok, just north of their is a city called Chang Mai. Considered by many to be the most culturally prominent city in Thailand, sitting adjacent to the Ping River, its name means New City, and there are many things that you can do such as check out the national parks, the Buddhist temples, and elephants and other indigenous animals. As with all modern cities, there are a vast assortment of hotels that you can stay at, restaurants, and there are even vacation rentals that are available. Let’s go over what you can do when you get to Chang Mai and why this is slowly becoming another very popular destination for people that like to visit Thailand.

What To Do In Chang Mai

This is a city that has many different attractions such as a Night Bazaar, a botanical garden, and also a national museum. In fact, in this area of Thailand, there are quite a few ancient temples, purportedly over 30, and some of the most beautiful orchids in the world. Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep is a place that tourists are actually drawn to because of its famous 300 step staircase, part of a beautiful Buddhist temple that is located in the hills. You can see the Rows of the North, or take an elephant ride through an area that is similar to a jungle, truly getting to experience how this culture was so many centuries ago.

Temples In Chang Mai

If you happen to be a fan of the religion of Buddhism, this is the place you really want to be. There are several such as the Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phra Singh, and the popular Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Temple which is a mountaintop temple which has a beautiful depiction of a seated Buddha, all of which have either been restored, or are still in excellent condition. You can really see the influence this religion had on this country. Not only will you see statues of the Buddha, but you also see dragons, elephant carvings, and serpents that are representative of the endless nature of time.

Shopping Centers And Malls

It is actually due to the popularity of Thailand in the last two decades that so many things have changed. There is still quite a bit of traffic congestion, but they have made it possible to reduce emissions of carbon monoxide, and add many different shopping centers and malls. When you first arrive, there is the CentralPlaza adjacent to the airport, and the Promenada Resort Mall which is large and can accommodate people that are searching for anything from food, restaurants, clothing, and souvenirs that they would like to bring home.

Hotels And Tourism

If you are actually flying in at the Chiang Mai International Airport, you are probably like one of the many 14,000,000 visitors that come on an annual basis. You will be wondering where to go, what type of transportation you will use, and what hotel you will stay at. It is recommended that you book in advance so that you can stay at a five-star hotel like the Shangri-La Hotel, or if you would prefer something more affordable, the The Empress Chiang Mai Hotel is very beautiful. It is recommended by most people to also consider getting a rental that you can stay at for a week or two. You can get a great deal on a large unit, and if you are traveling with family and friends, this would be the most ideal. Some of them are not directly in the city, and that will give you easy access to some of the destinations such as the temples that are in the mountainous areas. All of this should be done in advance, however, if you just happen to book a flight and you want to see what Chiang Mai has to offer, there will always be a place for you to stay.

This is a destination that is designed for people that like to do a little bit of hiking. It is also for individuals that would like to see how Buddhism has influenced a culture. The many temples that are there, especially in the pristine jungle like mountainous areas has brought thousands of people to this city from all over the world. It is a destination that is very beautiful, and even if you are a fan of things at the lower and of Thailand, this northern city may also captivate you enough to consider Chang Mai as another place you should visit regularly.