Thailand Tourist Visa Extension 2018

Patong Immigration Office Front Door Where You Might Go In But Never Come Out.
Patong Immigration Office Front Door Where You Might Go In But Never Come Out.

Thailand Tourist Visa Extension 2018 – Phuket/Patong Definitive Guide Handbook

At Patong, where the surf meets the lady-boy turf, there is a small immigration office that is not very known about. This office is a small office 200 metres up the road from Bangla Road which is a famous street because you can meet many ladies here who will sleep with you for 1,000 Baht or less. Getting your Tourist visa extended takes around 30 minutes – maybe up to 2 hours. Set aside some time, or go to Phuket town immigration, you will be under an air conditioner but it will take a whole day at Phuket town, trust me.

There is on-site free parking, enough room for a motorbike, or just park your vehicle nearby and walk. You will walk past many massage parlours on the way, maybe even walk down Bangla, so be mindful they will try to sell you a massage, and possibly up-sell you to intercourse. Stay focused and take note of the opening hours of the Patong Immigration Office above and stick to your plan or you’ll have to come back the next day. I saw one poor lady who came back from the day before. She looked very tired.

You will need:

– Your passport
– Your departure card slip
– 2 Photocopies of the front page of your passport (the one containing a photo of your head, details etc.)
– 2 Photocopies of the page with your Thailand stamp on it
– 2 Passport Size Photos of your head
– 1x Form (TM 7 form, click here to download)
– 1,900 Thai Baht (they have change)
– A Pen (blue/black)


Bring 4 photocopies of your passport
2 photocopies of your driver license
2 photocopies of your accomodation email of or similar
2 photocopies of a airline ticket booking page
2 photocopies of the departure card
2 photocopies of anything like a receipt of hotel payment

If you give the man inside the office with the special Phuket Passport Stamp many different documents in English/German/Russian, he will think you are a very organized person and this is a good thing.

Phuket Immigration Patong Visa Extension Passport Stamp Example

Phuket Immigration Patong Visa Extension Passport Stamp Example

Opening hours Patong Immigration office 10am – 3pm. Staff have a hard earned lunch break from 12-1.

You can photocopy and get passport photos just outside the office (there is a window to the left wall) but there are many geezers also trying to squeeze this task into the same day. This line also takes 30-40 minutes, so I recommend using your hotel or local massage shop printer/copier/fax machine. If you don’t care about time, do it all there, it will take around 2-3 hours.
You can get the form at the office too, but it is much easier to print and fill in most of the form before you arrive or you will have to muck around filling in a form, standing up in the sun with many people around. This can be stressful.

The line to get inside the Patong Immigration office was about 10-20 deep, mostly older people. Some looked like they've been here far too long.

The line to get inside the Patong Immigration office was about 10-20 deep, mostly older people. Some looked like they’ve been here far too long.

Recommend Extra Items When Extending Your Visa In Patong:

– a hat (if it is busy you will be waiting outside in the sun. The office is air conditioned but the air-con unit is just outside the door, so it is like a heater blowing hot air at your feet while you wait in the queue. I was very sweaty and sweat drops fell on my TM7 form and made lines on the ink but they did not care.

– a bottle of cold water (you will be standing in the sun)

– a walking stick or personal injury crutches or wheelchair (disabled persons are allowed straight into the office and there is a ramp for people who can’t walk anymore or was born unable to walk. I saw two people skip the line by using a walking stick, who knows if they really needed it…)

– sunscreen (if you are light skinned or burn easily, you will need SPF30+ because you will be waiting in the morning sun and UV index is around 3-5 at 10am, and goes up to around 8-10 by 11am. Very easy to burn.

– Extra 1,000-3,000 Baht (you can ask the boss man inside “how much for more days” and he might be able to give you extra time in Thailand if you pay extra fee. This is rare if the office is busy because this is like a special payment directly to boss. I’m not are if it works but I asked “how much for many days” and the lady said to ask boss but he was too busy. Maybe I will come back in 1 month and try to get a long visa instead of visa runs to Malaysia which is a mostly Islamic nation, whereas Thailand is Buddhist.

*** Important
You may be asked to provide details about the person your are living with if you look dodgy or a shady tourist.
If you are in a relationship with a Thai lady, bar girl, ask her to come with you. If you are dating a lady boy or gay relationship, do not bring that person because this process is all about your image. I am not against this type of relationship but if you want to get your visa fast, you need to look good on this day.

If you wear elephant pants or look like a beg packer with no money then you will certainly be asked this question and for documents about the place you are staying at. The lady I mentioned above who had already visited the Patong Immigration Office the day before was asked for copy of the place she is staying rental agreement, copy of the passport of the owner, many many other random documents and she was told to come back again! Her visa will take 3 days instead of an hour or two.

If you don’t know where are you staying, put the name of a nice hotel such as: Hilton, Patong, Phuket, Phuket, Thailand. Not even the immigration officer will know the post-code of his own house/room so don’t worry just put Patong or Phuket in the extra space.

We recommend extending your visa in the last few days, if not hours, before your visa runs out because you will get 30 days from the day you show up to Patong Immigration Office. My stamp said 12th of February and I extended on the day. My new stamp says 12th of March.

The office is a small room, so only around 10 lucky people can fit inside this room at one time. It opens at 10am and some people arrive 9:30am or 9:45am and a lady gives them a number in the line. The number is your queue number and at time of writing they followed the numbers exactly in order 1, 2, 3, and so-on. I arrived 10:30am and received #40. A man in front of me arrived 9:45 and received #27. He was processed at 11:15am. I was processed 11:30… So you can arrive late but don’t be too late or you’ll have to wait for the lunch break to finish.

There is a lady who lets people in who have a “number”. She will give you a number when you arrive. If the line is big and you ask the person next to you if they have a number and they say “no” or “net” (which is no in Russian) then he too is waiting to get a number. Look at the people at the front of the door, if they have a small square with their number on it, then you have to wait to get your number. The colour of the number card was green.

If you don’t care about coming back to Thailand for a while, you can skip the visa process and void your travel insurance. You will join the illegal alien class of tourist, also know as the Beg Packers Group.
Here is a low resolution JPEG photo of the penalties for being an illegal immigrant in Thailand:

When you finally get inside the office, take a seat. Your number will be called and you will have to sit in from of a man with a stamp. Then give him all your documents and passport and the photo. He will look at it, you will get a photo taken on a small webcam, and you will have to hand over your money. If you don’t fail the questions he asks, this takes about 3 minutes and they will staple the departure card to your passport and you’re finished!

Old articles from 2008-2015 when Thailand was not so busy, they needed many documents like bank statements, proof of income,

Do not wear a suit or arrive topless, they might not let you in. I wore shorts, flip flops, good $40 t shirt, and was fine.

This street is also a Tsunami zone and you may be wiped-out if you are very unlucky and decide to extend your Tourist Visa in Patong during a tsunami.
At the time of writing (February 2018), the last major tsunami was the 2009 Boxing Day tsunami, where many people died, so if there has been a new tsunami when you are reading this guide, you will have to extend your visa in Phuket City, also known as Phuket Town.

The man did NOT ask me for information about where I am staying even though I am staying in a cafe, not even a real hotel.

Immigration officers do not like people who write “A Hotel” as the place they are staying because they will think you are shady.

Do not try to skip the line. Always look at the girl who gives you the number in the eye so she sees you many times and eventually will know you have been waiting a long time and give you a number.

Some things I saw:
A man was kicked out of the office because he did not have the photocopy of the stamp on page 8 of his passport and he had to go back outside and wait 20 minutes in the photocopy queue and then try to weasel his way back inside the office. Be organised, stay vigilant.

The average age of people extending their visa here is 40. You would think they are civilized but this is the middle of the world and a hot go-to destination for punters, some bad people, some rude, some swindlers, you get the point.

If you are a black man, you may need to wear a suit on this day. I saw one black lady inside the office for a long time, maybe they asked for proof of where she was staying, I can’t say for sure but she was inside for longer than I was.

We at Thailand Tourist, the #2 source of all things Thailand after Chang Mai Digital Nimrod’s Group, have recently conducted a live “To Catch A Predator Style” investigation into extending your tourist visa in Thailand. We hope you find this guide useful.

We need to share this information to help people save money and time on this dreadful day. Please leave comments if your experience was different!

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  1. This article was very helpful and the information is still valid as of September 2018. I went there quite early (45min before) and was the first one there. This however might be different during high season. Out of the immigration office with an extended visa after 5 minutes.

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