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Pattaya, Thailand —Women, Fun & Games — getting started

Pattaya is a city for men. A city for men to have fun in, with women. There are maybe one thousand beer bars, massage joints, soapie massages, and Agogos, all within a few square kilometres. There are many places in the world with women, but what makes Pattaya special is that it has only one purpose—to bring western men into contact with Thai women. Once you arrive and get into the spirit of things, it is a magical place. Great fun.

Pattaya, Thailand bar girls

Pattaya started way back during the Vietnam War. Military personnel on leave went looking for a place to relax, they came to Pattaya Bay and found just that. After the War things went quiet, but then the Thai government decided to encourage tourism in the area. Things took off. In 1978 Pattaya became a self-governing city. Today Pattaya is home to tens of thousands of expats, largely men, hundreds of thousands of visitors, and tens of thousands of Thais.

There are many things to do here, all the traditional beach and resort activities. You can go scuba diving, para-sailing, boat rides, there is an amusement park, underwater world, paintball—whatever you can think of it is here—or just sit and relax on the beach and sip a coconut, however, these are the filling of the Pattaya pie, not the cream.

Pattaya, Thailand a go go bar

If you are looking for something different, looking for new adventures, a more casual relationship—you just want to have fun—head to Pattaya. Come for a week, and you will stay for a month. Stay for a month and, who knows, you might just advance your retirement plans.

The average western guy who lands in Pattaya is middle-aged, has been divorced once (maybe twice), and is looking for something new in his life. He is not that happy ‘back home’, things are not as exciting as they used to be and are not looking to improve.


Many guys will tell you that Thailand and Pattaya are a rejuvenation. Suddenly they feel younger, they want to try new things, new adventures—buy a bike and explore the country, start a small business, or just relax and enjoy.

Pattaya, Thailand girls selling themselves

One thing to settle before we go any further—the age of women in the sex business here. There are lots of myths about the Thai sex business, usually held by people who could not find the Kingdom on a map. Long story short, you will find lots of women in Pattaya, but the minimum age of employment is twenty years. This is twenty for girls working in the entertainment business in any and every capacity. This applies to cleaners, cashiers, and cooks, as well as the dancers and hostesses.

There is little underage sex here, and, as everywhere underage sex occurs within the narrow circle of family and family friends. It is not foreign tourists who are involved in paedophilia, but locals. This is true everywhere.

How much do Thailand Bar girls get paid?

Speaking of hookers, again lets clear the air. The long and short of it is that being a hooker, in the western sex business, is just about the best job half the women in Thailand can hope for. They are not exploited, they are not mistreated. That is sheer bs.

The reverse is true, most of these girls live far better than could ever hope to in their home village. They usually have one or more western ‘boyfriends’ sending them money every month. Any girl who has some looks, knows how to spin a convincing line, and has a winning smile, will come out on top in Pattaya.


Let’s start with a comparison, the girls who work in the Thai optical chain ‘Top Charoen’ are paid around 15,000 baht a month. This job requires a uni degree, job training, and 12 hours a day @ 6 days a week—and for this, you get 15,000 baht, $500, $15 a day.

The girls in a beer bar might get 3,000 baht as a base salary, but that is just the start. One thing you will quickly learn about is a ‘lady drink’. This is a drink you buy for the girl so that she can sit with you. A girl gets a cut of her lady drink. If you hand over 120 ($4) baht for a lady drink the girl will get half of that. A few drinks a day—not hard work—will get her income up to the level of a uni graduate.

But that is just where it begins. A lot of married expats, casuals will come into the bar. Watch the game on a flat screen, bullshit with a few friends, or simply relax. They will usually buy a drink or two for a lady or two. If they make a day of it they will buy a meal, and maybe buy a meal or two for a few ladies. All great fun for the girls, and much easier than working in a sweat-shop making ‘sock’ or those expensive dresses western women enjoy buying.

The truth of the matter is, while things are not perfect in Pattaya for working girls, it is just about the best job they can ever expect to get. If a girl can smile, sound sincere when she says ‘sexy man’, then she can live comfortably in Pattaya.

If any of think this is bad, think again. It is how we are. Humans come from a species which has sex, without sex none of us would be here. We have an instinct for sex, a strong instinct, men as well as women. Every one of your ancestors had sex, if not, someone else would be reading this. We are sexual beings.

Pattaya, Thailand shark bars

Be aware that sex is good for your health, maybe as good as vitamin D and broccoli. Sex not only relieves stress, improves sleep and burns calories, it can also reduce pain, ease depression, strengthen blood vessels, boost the immune system and lower the risk of prostate cancer. You cannot get it on health insurance, but sex is a health boost. If anyone questions your behaviour tell them that you are staying healthy.

Drugs, well yes. It does happen. Chose your poison, and don’t complain.

Speaking of safety—stay safe: always wrap.

Pattaya is a place any lonely, single man should visit.

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