What to keep in your day pack whilst backpacking Thailand!

What to keep in your day pack whilst backpacking Thailand!


Travelling the magical kingdom of Thailand invites many considerations.
Be prepared, leave the germs where they are & don’t get cut short; here is my top 6 must haves for your travel daypack!

  1. Anti-bacterial hand spray.
    Any bathroom visit could reveal a whole array of experiences!
    From clean, hygienic rest rooms, to holes in the floor with nothing to hold onto but your hopes of not falling in! Hold steady!
    Getting your hands germ free after a toilet trip is a priority if you don’t want to get sick!
    But it’s not just the toilet trips that require an anti-bac spray, its advised to clean your hands intermittently throughout the day,
    before sitting down to eat & so on, just like momma taught you! Prevention is better than cure!
    Anti-bac spray can be purchased in most local stores so it’s easy to re-stock!
  2. Toilet roll.
    This is a luxury item in the less privileged facilities, so carrying some spare in your bag will be a god send when you get cut short!
    It’s a lovely gesture to be able to give the neighbour some too! Little pocket pouches are just fine, you don’t need a whole roll taking up space in your pack!
  3. Small change
    Why should you carry small change?
    In addition to your standard notes & money, small change is often required for accessing public toilets, or buying low value items from street vendors. Attempting to break 1000Baht bank notes in such places isn’t appreciated & may well be rejected.
    Tuk-Tuks & red trucks will also want you to pay with (close to) the correct money.
    Paying a red truck directly with small change rather than asking for a price often gets you a much cheaper trip!
  4. Mosquito repellent
    Thailand is full of little blood sucking biting bugs! No matter what time of day, it’s possible to have them buzzing around, so being prepared by wearing repellent & carrying it on you, will save you the trouble of getting bitten & itching all day!
    In addition to repellent, little incense sticks are great at keeping the bugs away too, so carrying those around can be a real savour come evening time!
    You’ll be popular with the neighbours again if you stop to mosquitos coming near! As an after-bite treatment, tiger balm is great for stopping the itch,
    so a little pot of this is a nice addition to the day pack too! (available in most local Thai stores)
  5. Sun block
    Sometimes you can forget to apply, sometimes you’ll need to re-apply, other times the suns heat may just catch you by surprise. Either way, carrying sun block on your will save you the bother of getting burnt!
    Sun burn is no fun for anyone! Carry the sunblock & make sure its applied efficiently!
  6. Clothing to cover shoulders
    Be it a sarong or a T-shirt, if you plan on entering temples or places of worship (Buddhist), then you must be appropriately dressed.
    If your day outfit is something off the shoulders, having a sarong or something to cover the shoulders before entering demonstrates respect for the culture, so be prepared & keep one in the day bag!


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