Gyms in Chiang Mai and where to work out for free

Chiang Mai’s bid to get active

Surrounding the city walls, a constant flow of traffic circuits, car fumes & the smell of tuk tuk exhausts linger.
This tourist hot spot may represent all that is unhealthy at first glance. Walking & cycling are not the most pleasant way to travel on the main roads.

In recent years, Chiang Mai has stepped up its game in becoming a healthy city, promoting well-being & promoting an active lifestyle to its residents, both citizens & travellers!

Installing several park gyms has encouraged locals to spend the evenings in an active way, surrounded by greenery!

When you arrive at Nong Buak Hard Public Park on the South-west corner of the old city (inside the moat), the vibe is bursting with fitness & smiles!

People scattered all over the grass areas doing acro-yoga, playing badminton or meditating by the lake.
Volleyball courts are filled with local teenagers laughing & running around.
The park edge is lined with park gym kit, the kind that uses your bodyweight, plus the resistance of some internal mechanisms.
There are even some Flintstone style weights, using concrete blocks either side!

Often there are group classes taking place too, from circuit style training, to yoga. The instructors are always friendly, so approaching for details to join in is easy!

This park, nestled into the corner of the old city is like being in a different part of the world, through the gates lay an Asian paradise of greenery, water & wildlife. The perfect setting for some chosen movement, be it a stroll around the grounds or something more exerting!

If training outside isn’t your thing, there are plenty of indoor gyms in Chiang Mai.
Prices range from 60Baht-300Baht a session. A big price difference & a big facility difference.

The cheapest gym in Chiang Mai is Go Gym, for 60Baht you can even go back again the same day on your token!
By far the biggest of all the local gyms, with a huge range of kit.
It is kitted out with cardiovascular machines like treadmills & cross trainers, Free weights, Machine weights, Boxing ring & bags, Street gym & a matted area for stretching too.
Equipment is a mixture of reasonably new to extremely old.
With open sides & mostly fan (not aircon), it gets hot!

On the flip side, you have the likes of Maxx Fitness in Maya Shopping Mall, Nimman, single sessions are available for around 300Bhat.
This is a premium price for a premium gym. With state of the art equipment, a huge selection of quality classes, sauna, steam room & a café on-site serving healthy food!

In Thai tradition, joining in a Muay Thai class will get you bang for your buck, with many local Muay Thai gyms providing 2 hour sessions for 100-200Baht.
The local fighters no how to work hard, a super friendly & will be happy to have you join in!

There are plenty of mid-price gyms dotted in & around the city too.
There is something for everyone, be it walking around the lake or learning Muay Thai, Chiang Mai has created a hub of active living.

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