Eating Street food in Thailand

Street food, sweet treats!

We are all familiar with the marinated meat on sticks & BBQ bugs knocking about on the many street food carts, with so many savoury snacks to eat, the sweets have to get a look in too!
If you have a sweet tooth the you are in for a real treat in Thailand!

These sweet treats are loaded with calories & all the naughty stuff, sugar, fat, the stuff that gets you dribbling at the sight of it,
but let’s face it,
you won’t be indulging for the nutritional content!

Some of the most popular sweet street foods have got to be these;

Mango sticky rice!

A visit to Thailand just isn’t complete without this traditional Thai dessert!
It’s cheap as chips averaging 40Baht per serving & the portions are usually pretty generous!
This tasty dessert is a combination of sticky white rice, cooked in milk (usually coconut), topped with fresh juicy mango & in some places some crunchy topping!

These come in a huge range of flavours, made fresh on a circular hot plate & served from street carts that are often on the move.
From peanut butter, banana, oreos & multiple jams, crepes are crispy & topped with your choice of filling.
Average price is 30Baht.


This indulgent dessert can also be a savoury snack, choosing from multiple sweet & savoury fillings! From egg to cheese, Nutella to banana!
The Roti is cooked fresh on a hot plate, dough is tossed over & over creating a square on the plate, covered in hot oil & flipped & folded until cooked.
It’s then cut into rectangles & covered in your chosen topping!

Fresh fruit!

Load up on the vitamins & excite your taste buds with a portion of fresh fruit. Thailand has an abundance of weird & wonderful fruits that can often have been undiscovered by tourists until they spot it on the cart.
With many variations of fresh & tasty fruits to choose from, often sold in little pallets ready to eat, these satisfying sweet tooth treats will leave your mouth watering. Discover something new & nourish your body too! If you’ve never tried the local delicacy – Durian, be prepared to love or hate this unusual yet popular fruit, you’ll smell it before you see it!

Fruit shakes & smoothies!
Another very popular sweet treat to find as street food, are the many fruit shake & smoothie varieties.
Combining a number of fresh fruits of your choice, with ice, sugar &/or fruit syrup, these scrumptious shakes are a refreshing treat for any time of the day.
Occasionally you’ll find a street food smoothie that will have optional extras like super herbs, dosing up on these is always a good idea, assisting your body to stay fit & healthy whilst travelling is a smart move!

Chocolate covered, raisin filled, saucy or plain. Waffles are another popular find at the street food markets.
Waffles are incredibly filling, portions are HUGE! Enough to have as a full meal or share between friends!

There are many more sweet treats awaiting your discovery on the street food stalls of Thailand, get ready for an infusion of flavours & the aftermath of a sugar coma!

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