The Dark side of Thai Girls (for young dudes)

The Dark side of Thai Girls (for young dudes)

By Mr Loser

Thinking on hooking up with a Thai girl? Maybe even having a relationship? Well that’s an excellent choice but before you proceed remember that every girl has also a dysfunctional side. So bellow i am presenting you the 5 basic points that make the cultural dark side of Thai girls.

  • 1) Extremely possessive. Well many would agree on that. As soon as you hook up with a normal Thai girl (not a bar lady) she will most likely become extremely possessive and jealous. Expect text messages and phone calls all the time. She will like to know where you are and who is with you. You can be the most faithful person on earth but she won’t take your word for it. You gotta be patient and accept this behavioral trait with humor and understanding. It’s a cultural thing.

  • 2) Kinda boring in bed. Well this is a thing that i have noticed on a big percentage with Thai girls. Although they can be extremely beautiful and cute, many times they would just lie down in bed like a dead fish expecting from you to do everything. It will be like having sex with an extremely attractive sex doll that you can move around the way you want but maybe it gets kinda boring after the first few times. Thank God that’s not always the case.
  • 3) Intellectually weak. That’s kinda true in most cases and it has two main reasons. The first is the language barrier. Limited vocabulary etc. But the second reason goes deeper than that has to do with the cultural differences and the fact that thai education in general doesn’t challenge the intellectual skills of questioning and challenging ideas but rather stays on following routines and memorizing what the teacher says. So if you are looking for deep intellectual conversations, you probably won’t find them in Thai girls. Try with Chinese, Japanese or Korean instead.
  • 4) Extremely attached to their peers and also smartphone addicts to a whole new level. I guess that’s kind of a general rule of our times but Thai girls take it one step too far. Sometimes it will be impossible to get her away from her smartphone screen. I remember a time i was having sex with a cute girl and while we were on doggy style she was playing with her phone. It was so weird but she was soooo cute i didn’t care.

  • 5) They almost never take the initiative. As soon as you have a thai girlfriend you will realize that you have to make most of the decisions. She will just follow your lead. I find this an attractive trait but when it happens 99% of the time it can become kinda exhausting.

Well, personally i think thai girls are extraordinary cute, beautiful and sexy creatures and the above points are not taking away the amazing pleasures that interacting with them will bring you. If i were to chose between an average western and and an average thai girl i would go for the thai 90% of the time. I guess most of you would do the same. Good luck!

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