Muay Thai training in Chalong

Chalong, Phuket, Muay Thai’s finest

In Southern Phuket, lays a town known as Chalong, around 20 minutes South West of Phuket Old Town & around 20 minutes North East of Rawai, this small & energetic town awaits with its Muay Thai & massage parlours.

Close by is the famous white Big Buddha which you can see from afar!

Chalong is best known for its gyms & Muay Thai training, with amateurs, professionals & complete newbies booking time out specifically for training in Chalong.
People come from all over the world to spend a season training, eating & behaving as a Muay Thai fighter,
allowing ultimate health & fitness to become the priority.

Most days involve a 2-3 hour training session in the morning, a lunchtime sleep & a 2-3 hour training session in the late afternoon. It’s go hard or go home in Chalong. The fighters are serious, the trainers are some of the best in Thailand & the participants are there to work hard.

Besides Muay Thai, Chalong boasts some incredible gyms too, offering a range of classes, like aerial or hot yoga.
There are many body builders & ex-pats within the Chalong community, taking advantage of this health & fitness hub of Phuket.

Regular training requires plenty of muscle recovery too, so Chalong naturally homes some great massage parlours!
Relaxing after some tough training with an afternoon nap & a full body massage is a great combination.

Eating plenty of nutritious food is essential for muscle repair & refuelling all the burnt energy in the intense training sessions, thousands of calories can be burnt during some of the sessions, so replacing energy is crucial to keep up strength,
unless weight loss is a goal, then allowing a small calorie deficit is a fantastic way to get in shape & burn some fat!

Chalong has a vast range of health food bars & restaurants, catering for its athletes & fighters with great quality, high protein food, for meat eaters, vegetarians & vegans too!
From protein shakes to pancakes, salads to steaks, it’s all available in Chalong.

By the time sun sets, trendy bars & hangouts come alive on the main street in Chalong, nicknamed ‘gym street’ (for obvious reasons).
Have an evening meal, a glass of red or a cold beer whilst listening to some relaxing yet upbeat music, the vibe is a little like an Ibiza sunset bar, minus the beach!

If going for a strict training regime, you won’t be alone when drinking water or a soft drink, a green juice or even fasting, with plenty of likeminded people around, Chalong really is a great spot prioritising health & fitness, stepping away from tourists & focusing on the body.

The local Muay Thai gyms are incredibly friendly, welcoming in complete amateurs, happily teaching the basics & training them up to ultimate fitness.
There is no expectation to fight or spa, anyone is welcome to partake in solely the training, without any pressure to become a fighter.

Muay Thai is a very effective sport for fitness & overall body conditioning. Chalong homes a fantastic setting, it has everything you need for a fitness get away!

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