Massages in Thailand

Massages & pampering!


Thailand hosts an abundance of pamper experiences, from simple 30 minute foot massages at the side of the walking markets, to half day pamper sessions that will leave you feeling like royalty.

Whatever it is you are craving, you will be satisfied for an unbeatable price in Thailand.

Quality varies, so like anything, recommendations are great if you can find them from other travellers!

Cheap & cheerful massages are available around every corner you turn in most parts, varying from 150-300Baht on average for a 1 hour Thai massage.
This kind of massage is done without oil, often wearing a 2 piece robe set that you are given to change into. The robe will be spacious, allowing free flowing movement during the massage.

A Thai massage will mobilise your joints & loosen off muscle tension across the whole body. They usually begin with a foot wash or scrub, this is to cleanse the feet, which will be bare during the treatment.
The Masseuse won’t want to handle dirty feet!

Once cleansed, a full Thai massage usually begins with you in a supine position, laying on your back. A foot massage progresses into a lower leg massage, into thighs, hips & arms.
By which point you’ll be so relaxed it’s possible you’ll be half asleep!
Turning over & it’s back to the lower legs, working up the hamstrings (back of the thighs), into the butt, back & shoulders.
Lots of movement is involved, rather than traditional superficial massages that just work the tissue.
Sometimes a neck & head massage is also included, followed by a deep stretch of the back in a seated position.

A good quality Thai massage is completed with a serving of fresh hot herbal tea, allowing you the time to wake up & fully appreciate the experience!

There are more massage parlours in Thailand than you can possibly imagine, ranging from chairs at the side of the markets, to women’s ex-prisoner establishments, created to provide work for ex-prisoners who are otherwise unemployable as no one wishes to take them on!

Thailand is one of the best places in the world to indulge in regular massage, with prices as low as the cost of some meals, being pampered almost daily becomes an option for some!

Spa experiences are also well worth consideration whilst in Thailand, with half day packages & a range of treatments available, you can have the full works at a fair price.

For 2700Baht, at a top Spa in Chiang Mai, a 5 hour treatment package is available that involves a herbal steam, a full body scrub, a flower petal bath, a full body hot oil massage, a full body herbal compress massage, a full body Thai massage, a head neck & shoulder massage, a facial & a foot massage! Incredible!
5 hours of premium heaven, at a price you wouldn’t dream of elsewhere in the world!

If you are new to Thai massage, simply tell the masseuse & they will be gentle with you! Having Thai massage when in Thailand is an absolute must!
An experience not to leave out!

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