Durian – Popular Native Thailand Fruit

Durian, a local delicacy but a 50:50 gamble


You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it, but either way,
there is no escaping this traditional Thai delicacy!


In most parts of Thailand, this 50:50 fruit is being sold in abundance, to unsuspecting customers & regular consumers, it’s in high demand & the vendors know it.

Selling at least two or three times the price of other fruits, it’s a premium product on & off the streets of Thailand.

The size of a large coconut, this crazy looking fruit is as weird as they come.

Thailand has so many exotic & wonderful fruits, most of which taste pleasant to the general population, providing tasty treats throughout the hot days, hydrating with their naturally containing fluids & topping up energy with their naturally occurring sugars, perfect!

Durian is an exception to this, with a large majority of tourists wondering what on earth that smell is when walking past the Durian stalls!

It isn’t until you try it for yourself, that you can put the smell to rest.
It will either taste incredible, or it will leave you wanting to rinse your mouth out with soap!

The first time I tasted Durian, was by mistake, innocently eating a dessert in a beautiful restaurant.
I could taste something a little ‘off’,
my dessert happened to be a cheesecake, with ‘local’ fruits, so of course, the Durian had found its way onto my plate!
Each bite I took, tasted a little worse, until I had to stop eating,
I thought perhaps the cheesecake had taken a turn!

I was unaware of my accidental Durian consumption!


The following week, I was on Khaosan Road, Bangkok, ordering a fruit shake, a very common purchase! Made up of all sorts of fruits, blended with ice (& sugar if you fail to request otherwise!).

As I started sipping on my shake, I noticed a strange after taste, then I remembered the cheesecake, how it tasted just like this.
I asked what fruit was in my shake & the vendor went on to list….

Strawberry, Mango, Apples & DURIAN!

I googled it there & then, the response I got answered my mystery, I was part of the population who seriously dislike this Thai delicacy!

There are many others mouth-watering fruits to try in Thailand, many of which will remain nameless, for after spotting them & trying them,
they can often be hard to describe & track down the name of!

Be sure to taste them, allow your body to be nourished with the local fruits, full of vitamins & antioxidants, lovely!

It seems that Durian isn’t just disliked by certain tourists, some hotels & hostels, even public places like cafes or airports, can come with a ‘No Durian’ sign!
At first, you’d assume this is due to the foul smell, but it turns out it’s actual reasoning lays in the depths of the fruits attributes.

It attracts giant ants from afar, perhaps its potent smell travels & lingers further than its cousin fruits.
For that reason, some business owners don’t allow it on the premises, in a bid to avoid an ant infestation!

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