Coffee in Thailand

Thailand’s finest coffee & traditional tea

No matter where you are in Thailand. Great coffee & tea will be found without having to venture far beyond your accommodation!

Locally sourced beans, organically farmed varieties, cheap as chips or high end service, it is all available & you never have to go far to find amazing hot & cold brews.

Street vendors serve up locally sourced tea & ground coffee from local villages, add canned condensed milk & sweeten it up with syrup, that’s a traditional way to drink Thai coffee & tea , it’s available everywhere!
If you like your drinks less sweet, state that you’d like it without sugar when ordering, sugar comes as standard unless stated otherwise!
The Thai word for sugar is ‘Nam Tan’, asking for no sugar in your drink is simple; its pronounced like this; ‘Mi ow nam tan kaaaaa!’, or for a little sugar, simply replace ‘Mi ow’ with ‘Nik noi’.

Be it a coffee shop or a street vendor, sugar will be added unless you request it without!

For real coffee connoisseurs, look a little deeper, seek a little longer & you won’t be disappointed.
Incredibly tasty coffee is nestled amongst Thai culture, hidden within the streets & served in the most unique & wonderful ways.

Coffee Shops in Phuket

Phuket is home to a local brand known as Hock Hoe Lee, there are a few cafes in Phuket serving these local beans, but it’s hard to find anywhere else in Thailand!

If you have the facility & equipment to brew your own (like an Aero press or just a coffee maker in your apartment), then you can purchase a bag of beans or ground coffee from the retail outlet whilst in Phuket! Better still, send some home or buy as a gift for your coffee loving friend!
Hock Hoe Lee delivery trucks are so traditional, the essence of the store is just so authentically Thai!

One of the best served & biggest menus of coffees in the whole of Thailand has got to be Ristr8olab, Chiang Mai.
With styles from all over the world, brewing methods to cater for everyone & even coffee cocktails, the menu is huge & very impressive.
Each coffee has a strength listed next to it so you can be sure to order to your taste. The stronger ones are VERY potent, not for those sensitive to caffeine!

Another top find in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand) was Ahka Ama, with two coffee shops, one inside the city walls & one outside of the square in Nimman province, this popular coffee is in high demand.
Served using a variety of brewing methods, from cold brew to drip, you can enjoy this quality coffee your way!
The Matcha green tea on offer in Akha Ama is also worth a try! The Latte version is great!

Traditional Thai Tea is served everywhere & pots of herbal varieties are also common. The London Tearoom, Chiang Mai & The Witching Well, Pai, are two particularly unique herbal tea spots to visit.
The London Tearoom has the décor of an old London living room, with newspaper cuttings, doilies & china tea cups, it’s an experience that takes you to Great Britain & back in time.
Serving a vast & unique range of herbal tea combinations, presented in various size tea pots & china cups, The London Tearoom offers a real treat of a cuppa tea!
With sweet treats like cheesecake & vegan brownies on offer too, this tearoom scores a lot of points! It even features an old traditional red telephone box outside!

The Witching Well in Pai is another very unique hang out, with eye catching herbal ‘potions’ served up in tea pots that look like witches’ cauldrons!
A number of ‘potions’ are available on the menu & a great explanation is given of each one, what qualities it holds & what spell it will place you under upon drinking!
The Witching Well also provides incredible food, so enjoy a potion & some grub for an all-round magical experience!

Matcha green tea lattes are also a popular choice in Thailand, Matcha is a premium type of green tea, higher in caffeine than its original green tea blend.
Some cafes will serve it using a choice of cows, soy or coconut milk, perfect for vegans!
If non cow’s milk isn’t an option, the vendor is likely to give you a very confused look when you make this request!

There are cafes around every corner in Thailand, from little local spots at the side of the street, to chilled out hang outs with hammocks & wall art, from unique finds to chain stores.
Wherever you choose to sit & sip a coffee or tea, rest assured your taste buds are in for a treat.

For the hardcore coffee lovers that take their love for the beans into their alcoholic tendencies, espresso martinis are few & far between in Thailand. It takes somewhere special to find this unique cocktail.
This martini variation is popular amongst those who live for coffee but hard to find in Thailand.
Patong, Phuket, has a number of bars selling a BIG range of cocktails & DOES have this tasty treat on the menu, buy one get one free during happy hour too, we wouldn’t expect anything less of the party paradise of Phuket!

Higher end cocktail bars can also be found if you look hard enough or are lucky enough to stumble across them, premium cocktails will carry a premium price but are well worth the spend for the experience.
Le Meridien in Chiang Mai serves up incredible cocktails by barmen that are second to none. A real high-end experience if you want to splash out, of course their Espresso martinis are just perfect!

The Distill Sky bar, Bangkok, also serves up a great Espresso martini, this one comes with a view like no other, looking over the Bangkok skyline, you can enjoy your coffee cocktail taking in the breath-taking views of the illuminated Bangkok city at night.
Another premium experience, with a single cocktail costing around the same as 2-3 nights hostel accommodation.

Whatever you budget & taste preferences for tea & coffee, Thailand will cater for you without a doubt!


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