Big Buddha in Phuket – Must See

Big Buddha, Phuket


No trip to Phuket is complete without a trip to see the biggest Buddha in Phuket!

The grand white Buddha can be seen from far away & will catch your eye from a distance. As you drive around neighbouring areas, like Chalong, Buddha‘s big white presence stands out amongst his natural backdrop of greenery.

Located in Chalong, Big Buddha is easy to get to from most of the popular tourist areas, Patong, Rawai, Old Town Phuket, all being a relatively short & comfortable drive away.

Big Buddha sits at the top of a great & windy climb, some of the local Muay Thai gyms take their fighters & fitness goers for morning walks & runs from bottom to top!
An early start is required for this, catching the mid-day sun whilst exerting yourself with an intense exercise session isn’t a great idea.

For a more leisurely experience, hire a moped or a catch a ride up the mountain. The scooter drive is safe if taken slow, just like any unknown roads.
By moped, it takes about 10 minutes from the bottom of the mountain, by the main road,
all the way to the top, where the entrance to Big Buddha awaits.
Along the way there are lots of little local shops, street vendors and such.
It’s nice to allow time to stop along the route & chat to locals, make a purchase & be on your way.

When you reach the site of the Buddha, you’ll be expected to respect the rules, just like any Buddhist temple, so ensuring you are dressed appropriately is a must.
This means; to have your shoulders covered (no strappy tops), shorts/skirts must be longer than knee length. To keep it simple, just avoid showing too much skin.
Robes are usually available for anyone who isn’t covered appropriately, but it’s nice to arrive abiding to the requirements independently out of respect.

Once in the grounds, it’s a short walk around the back & side of Big Buddha, passing by Buddhist statues & readings, a chance to take your time absorbing the culture being shared.

Buddha is Massive!

You’ll soon get to the base of the Buddha, a striking view looking out over Phuket will greet you!

If you can make it early enough, arriving for Sunrise provides a stunning view over the city, a view bursting with colours that will take your breath away, it’s worth the early alarm clock.
Sunrise time changes throughout the year, but typically the sun breaks the horizon between 5.30am & 6.30am.
There are viewpoints on the way up to the Buddha that also provide incredible views over the city, stop off on route to or from Big Buddha to take it all in!

Besides the view of the city, when you turn around, you are at the base of a grand staircase up to the big white Buddha! Another sight that feels so grand & fills your eyes with its powerful presence!

The Buddha itself is hollow inside, so you can walk through it!
Around the Buddha are some other viewpoints & parts to sit & take in the essence of this place, as well as the views!

Big Buddha homes a lot of cheeky monkeys too! So, keep your belongings close to you, they will pinch what they can, opportunists at their finest!

Big Buddha is definitely an attraction to visit whilst in Phuket, make a day of it & explore nearby Chalong; home to lots of health food, restaurants, bars, gyms, go karting, shooting & plenty of massage parlours!

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