Traveling Thailand Solo?

backpacking Thailand alone

Solo Travel Vs The Backpack Companion


Travelling solo & having a companion both have their pro’s & con’s.
Experiencing both at some point in a lifetime is a great way to maximise all the benefits, live all the lessons first hand
& take everything that travel has to offer!

The first time you step onto an airplane for a travel adventure is always going to be full of excitement, nerves, endless thoughts & a few worries.
‘Did I pack everything?’ ‘Will I make my connecting flight?’ ‘What happens if lose my phone?’

Having a travel companion, be it a partner or a friend, can be somewhat comforting & takes the edge off of the unknown, reassuring you about silly questions & laughing with you.
Knowing you have that person by your side, making joint decisions, having each other’s back, it feels good.

Doing it alone can be daunting, yet the most freeing experience perhaps you’ll ever have! A sense of ownership,
surrendered but with full control!

The first few days & weeks going solo can reveal so many emotions, jumping for joy one minute, sobbing into a photo of your dog the next!
Thailand has an energy about it that really surfaces emotions, a spiritual hub that draws you in & holds space for you.
The rollercoaster is real, but you are never alone.

Staying in hostels in Thailand is a great way to mix with other travellers, you’ll make friends with ease in most places,
many of which will fully understand the journey you are on & have the exact same emotions playing out for them too!
So although you are technically travelling solo, you’ll never feel isolated, unless you want to be.

That is one of the biggest gifts of solo travel, you can be wherever you want to be, whenever you want to be there, with whomever you want to be with!
No need to consult your best friend about a decision or next step, it’s all on you!
As an opportunity arises,
you jump & take it without having to consider the plans of another.

That is until you (which you will) integrate into a group of amazing new travel friends,
all staying in the same dorm & planning activities that you all want to do,
so you join forces
& have the most incredible time with friends that feel like brothers & sisters to you.
Then you will find yourself considering the plans of others,
but it’s because you genuinely want to hang out with them longer,
it won’t feel like a sacrifice & you are still free to change directions in any moment, no questions!

That sense of freedom & ownership is the gold behind solo travel.

Being alone also makes you more approachable, as well as making you more likely to approach others.
If you are wanting the company, you will easily find it.
Going places alone will quickly evolve into a conversation with other solo’s or groups of like-minded backpackers.

When travelling with a friend, it’s all too easy to get content in the company of each other & make less effort to interact with new people.

It is of course down to the individuals, travelling with a partner, generally puts you in a couples bracket,
you may find that less people approach you for conversation, but YOU can approach others, you just get to take more action on that,
knowing that as a couple, you may seem less approachable, so make the first move!

Travelling with a companion comes with plenty of perks too, always having someone to hang out with, someone to confide in,
someone who understands how you are feeling, someone who wants to go & experience this trip for all it has to offer too (hopefully),
someone to motivate you into getting up & out & making the most of each day.
A little nudge can often lead to beautiful experiences that may have otherwise been missed, as being alone can sometimes become a little sluggish, if you allow it.

Opting for another chill evening instead of going to visit a temple for sunset. If your travel companion can provide the polarities to your personality type, that can be a great blessing, as you’ll pull forward the lacking elements of each other!

When travelling with someone, it’s important to take regular time out from each other too. Even though this may seem impossible,
time apart will allow you the space to just be you for a while.
A refreshing break, be it an hour or a whole day, some fresh air or time with nature, you will then return back together appreciating one others company even more!
A text book floor in travelling with a companion, is being in one another’s pockets 24/7.

Just like at home, spending too much time with one person can become a little annoying, the things that bug you about that person start to override the things you like.
Regular breathers from one another really do work wonders, so even when the relationship feels good,
prioritise that space & take it.

Thailand has an incredibly warm feel to it, besides the blistering temperature!
The locals are very friendly & welcoming in most parts, speak a few key words in Thai & you’ll be befriended in no time!

Feeling safe as a solo backpacker is a priority (a worry for some) but rest assured that Thailand ticks this feeling safe box.
Solo travellers will soon make friends with locals & others on a similar journey.

A great way to connect with other travellers, arrange meet ups, exchange advice & share experiences, is to use the social media groups.
Facebook is full of backpacking, Ferrang & digital nomad communities, simply tap in the location followed by the word backpacker, or nomad & you’ll find a bunch of groups.

For anyone who has the opportunity to travel Thailand solo, there is nothing to fear.
For anyone travelling Thailand with a companion, take note of respecting each others space & making that extra effort to interact with others
& it can be everything you want it to be.

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