Thailand Pests and Bugs

Be-friend the bugs in Thailand & repel the bites!

Thailand is rife with wonderful wildlife but let’s not forget the beautiful (& not so beautiful) bugs!

From elephants to lizards, snakes & roaches, there is lots to see & it’s not always expected!

Becoming familiar with your expected encounters, in & out the living quarters, will get you prepared & off on the right foot!

We’ll start with the not so pretty creatures that are lurking around at night!

Cockroaches and rats!

They are a given in Thailand, it just comes with the territory, so the sooner you get used to it, the sooner you’ll relax & learn to play nice with these creepy critters.

They will scarper quicker than you & will do their best to stay out of your way, but the odd late night encounter may still occur, they both love to ravish the bins which all get left at the side of the roads at night.
Ensuring your living space is completely litter free will prevent them coming anywhere near you, as they are solely seeking food.
Keep it clean & they will be well out of your way!

One of the most frustrating bugs has got to be the mosquito!

These blood sucking annoyances seem to be around 24 hours a day, but particularly love the evenings when the sun is setting,
they really love to hang out near water, but the only way you’ll swerve these little pests is if you are lucky enough a have a blood type they detest.

Wearing a good repellent will really help, one containing DEET, or if you want to go natural, essential oils are great, but clothing that covers the skins is advised in addition if you are prone to getting bitten!
The foods we choose to eat will also contribute to how attractive you are to them, the sweeter you taste, the more they want a serving! They cannot resist a sugary bite!
Avoiding too many sugary foods can really help as an anti-mosquito aid, as can eating plenty of garlic!
Garlic is used a lot in Thai cooking, but capsules can be purchased too if you aren’t keen on chewing on cloves & tasting this power vegetable all day.

Another common critter, a much cuter one at that, is the lizard.

Thailand boasts many different shapes & sizes but most of the commonly seen 4 legged amphibians are small light coloured gecko’s.
Super quick on their sticky little feet, they love to run up & around the walls, inside & out.
Just let them be, they eat the mosquitos, so lizards are most certainly on our side!

You’ll hear them at night if they are in close proximity, making their unique sound!
It’s very familiar once you’ve heard it once, they sound like they are saying their own name ‘gecko!

Thailand is known for its abundance of unknown & ever evolving species, weird & wonderful colourful bugs are plentiful, keep your eyes peeled & your limbs protected & it will be all smiles!
Be ready with the camera for awesome shots when you spot something new, they often move FAST!

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