Not so common known secrets of Phuket

The prettier side of Phuket.

An often-misunderstood southern part of Thailand, deemed as a backpacker’s party paradise, with scorpions on sticks & alcoholic buckets on every corner.

This is true BUT Phuket has a very beautiful & untouched side, often unexplored by the average traveller.

If you hit the tourist hot spot of Patong on your travels, then be sure to stumble into one of the most popular backpacker party hot spots of southern Thailand,
it’s everything you expect it to be, party central!

With its white sandy beach & party strip like no other, it really does live up to its name as a party hotspot for the south.

Hostels, bars, street vendors, music, dancers, it’s all there. All day, until late!

Patong is located on the West side of Phuket, with its glorious white sand it boasts one of the best beaches.

But if you want to see beyond the dance until sunrise side of Phuket AND feel white sand beneath your toes,
explore further down the west coast,
the mainland & the South/East.

You’ll find unforgettable sunsets & hidden gems that are worth every moment of the moped ride down the freeway (or bus hunting!).

If you head South, you’ll quickly realise that there are many more stunning beaches, far less populated & just as pretty, most with established tourist areas to stay & explore.
Seek out the viewpoints & enjoy local cuisine!

The sunsets available on these West coast beaches are second to none. Find a secluded spot & watch the sun go down with a cold drink & capture some incredible moments. Beaches can provide some of the best sunsets, Phuket doesn’t fail to deliver the goods!

Karon beach, Kata beach & Nai Harn beach are all less touristy than Patong & Kata/Karon offer great surrounding areas to explore, with plenty of restaurants, bar & market areas!
Street food markets come alive at night time, tasty, cheap food that you can take onto the sand & listen to the waves with whilst you eat, perfect!

One of the smallest, most secluded hidden beaches in the South is Yanui beach. This is quite the postcard setting.
Highly recommended for watching the sunset & relaxing into the evening with a friend!
It’s so small & hidden away that it would be missed just driving past, so tapping it into the map is required! It’s on the way (or way back) from Promthep cape.

Almost as far south west as you can get, is the Promthep Cape viewpoint.
A well-known tourist attraction that sees hundreds of people show up for sunset!
Coaches arrive to catch the sun go down at this spectacular viewpoint.

It’s a big area & a beautiful setting so don’t let the crowds put you off.
It’s an experience to see the vast amount of cameras out to capture this natural beauty. Many people want their photo taken, often with you in it too,
so be prepared to get snap happy!

Just along from the viewpoint, to the right, is a beautifully located restaurant & bar, this is the perfect spot to catch the last of the sun with less people in your space, watching the warm glow disappear behind the horizon over the crystal blue water, bliss!

Alternatively, take the ten minute drive to Yanui beach, a very secluded spot that won’t disappoint if you want something a little more personal!
Promthepe Cape has its own little street food market too, so it’s a perfect spot for snacks & sunset, grab some food & head to Yanui for a private beach picnic!

Heading in land to Old Town Phuket.
This authentic Thai city is a must see when visiting Phuket. The old streets are full of the hustle & bustle traditional street vendors, shops & essence of an untouched by tourists Thailand!
On one street, sits an old herbal medicine shop that’s been trading for over 100 years, when you walk in, the jars on the shelves containing unidentified herbs, are dust covered & look like something you would find in a museum!
For any ailments, upset tummies or other undiagnosed medical issues, with assistance from a translator, this is the place to find your herbal remedy!
With zero English spoken by the owner, you’ll need to know what you want in Thai!

Old Town Phuket does have a modern side too, with a large shopping centre, workspaces & music markets, it caters well for most. You can stumble from the old to the new in moments.

South from the Old City, but still in mainland, Chalong awaits the health & fitness lovers of Phuket! One street has even been nicknamed by locals as ‘Gym street’, for obvious reasons!

Many athletes & fighters from afar head to Chalong to train in Muay Thai, to fight professionally or to improve fitness.
Often booking set amounts of time to spend specifically in Chalong.
Experiencing its array of gyms & healthy food establishments to back up the hard work.
Protein shakes, Vegan restaurants & massage parlours to rub away the sore muscles are all on the cards in Chalong!

Rawai – Must visit!

Further south is a cute little town called Rawai. A hot spot for digital nomads in Phuket. Rawai is full of quirky little coffee shops, restaurants, bars, gyms AND a beautiful beach. It ticks a lot of boxes & is well worth the visit whilst in Phuket.

In the South East lays an untouched part of Phuket, Cape Panwa.
Panwa is far from touristy, with many of its own little beaches to find, viewpoints & friendly locals, this super secluded area is one to see. It has a sea life centre as its main attraction that sums up the size (& how untouched this place is). Further out from the airport too (an hour drive minimum)
So one to do as a daytrip!

Local buses run for the most part of the day, covering the main beaches & areas of Phuket, so a moped isn’t essential.

Phuket has so much to offer, beyond its party side, from breath taking sunsets to exploring the old town, it goes way beyond beer pong & BBQ bugs!

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