Patong- Backpackers party paradise

Bangla Road Patong

Patong-Best place for Backpackers to party!

The rumours are TRUE, the Chinese whispers may have gotten a little out of hand but Patong IS a party goers’ paradise.

Think Khaosan Road, multiply it by ten, and you’ll be thinking somewhere along the lines of Bangla Walking street, the main party strip of Patong.

Daytime sees a much tamer version of this popular tourist area, but the essence of this tourist beach town remains strong.
The crowds come from all over the world for a good time.
A good time that involves plenty of tequila shots & pretty ladies, or perhaps lady boys ?

Patong Beach

The beach is one of the best in Phuket, with vast long sheets of white sand, going as far as the eyes can see,
scattered activities of water sports & beach volleyball.
There is plenty of fun to be had, with old friends or new.

Spend the day lazing on the golden sands, soaking up the sun, receiving a beach side shoulder massage & sipping ice-cold drinks from the bar!
You’ll be sure to see some friendly vendors, selling mats, sunglasses, or the latest tourist must have. Patong beach is a hotspot for tourists, so it’s a given that it’s a hotspot for local vendors too.

After a few beers, ending up with an arm full of colourful wristbands is certainly a possibility!

With an abundance of restaurants & street food to choose from, there really is something for everyone, just like most parts of Thailand.
From Pad Thai to Chicken Kebab, available from dusk ’til dawn, you can graze all day without breaking the bank.

Many go to Patong for its known nightlife, it doesn’t disappoint if you are in to shots & sleaze (said with love!)
If having an alcohol enhanced evening & dancing all night to heavy bass is what ticks your boxes, Patong is a must see when visiting southern Thailand!

The Bangla walking street sign catches the eye, you can just feel the sheer amount of photo’s & selfies it has had snapped over the years!
Come night time, everything is alive. The hustle & bustle turns up a few decibels & so does the volume in the pubs.

Live music is a plenty! Local talent awaits in the bustling bars, entertaining you whilst you socialise. There are many people to interact with, a nice vibe of tourists generally having fun & fooling around!

After a drink, move on to another bar, with so many to see, if your visit is short, just keep on moving! It’s great to get all the way down to the opposite end of the street, the beach end, where you’ll see the illuminated Patong beach sign, little huddles of people sat on the sand, talking until the early hours, there is nothing quite like ending an evening listening to the waves with new friends.

With so many hostels & hotels within walking distance of Bangla walking street, it’s easy to get booked in somewhere close by to save trips in Tuk-tuks,
they are of course of hand, should they be called upon.

Patong is for sure a backpackers party paradise with blissful beaches & tequila on tap.

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