Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant — Khao San Rd

Ethos Vegetarian Bangkok
Ethos Vegetarian Bangkok

Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant — Khao San Rd, Bangkok

85/2 Thanon Tanao, Khao San Rd, Bangkok
phn: 02 280 7549
hours: Monday-Saturday 07.30-00.00


Ethos Vegetarian Bangkok

Ethos Vegetarian Bangkok


Ethos is the third of three vegetarian restaurants tucked away at the eastern end of the famous Backpacker destination and hang out of Khao San Rd, central Bangkok. Inside, the food is delicious, organic, health conscious, and pricey—but worth the price. Expect to spend 500 baht ($15) or more for a full meal.

The owner is a mildly eccentric English expat, Phil, who can occasionally be seen marching up and down the main drag of Khao San marketing his restaurant. If you find yourself in a conversation with him you will be informed of the many virtues of veganism and organic, and the dire perils of the alternatives.

Apart from the food, the staff are the best part of Ethos. They are all young, speak good English, and are enthusiastic vegetarians themselves. You can discuss your food choices and preferences in intimate detail, which will then soon after arrive at your table. For travellers, the staff are also knowledgeable of the tourist attractions of Bangkok and can provide useful travel advice.

The Food

The food—top notch and in a wide and varied mix of choices. The restaurant prides itself on its fresh and natural ingredients. The food is western oriented fusion with all sorts of lasagnas, spaghetti, soups, hommus, and with western snack food, veggie burgers, sandwiches, wraps, pastries, cakes, pancakes, and chocolates! All served with certified organic brown rice, and in sizeable portions. To finish off, a marvellous selection of desserts. Last, an equally extensive selection of hot and cold drinks, including homemade kombucha tea, juices, and shakes to round off the menu (be assured that no nasty white sugar is ever used on the premises!). Alcoholic cocktails are on the menu. No GMO and no MSG.

The vegetarian and vegan items are clearly differentiated on the menu.

Ethos Vegetarian

The food is great!

Breakfasts, there are several breakfast selections, or mix and match to your liking. The homemade muesli is outstanding.

There is fast wifi, abundant electrical plugs, and you are welcome to bring your laptop, but during peak hours people have been gently encouraged to move along. Not a co-working space.

The Restaurant

When you first enter you will notice the smooth and cosy setting of the restaurant and its cool vibe—wooden decor, lots of soft rugs, with trendy books for your reading pleasure (including travel books), soft lighting, spiritual images on the walls, and ambience music. If a hammock could be slung many would want to stay! Dare anyone say a hippie vibe?

For those a little older and with less flexible backs, be aware that half the seating consists of floor cushions.

Ethos is located just a little away from the main action, at the eastern end of Khao San Rd (not the temple end), behind the Burger King, down an alleyway. Walk past two other vegetarian restaurants and you are there. A high sign above the entrance makes it easy to spot.

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