Mai Kadee’s Vegetarian Restaurant Bangkok

inside Mai Kadee’s Vegetarian Restaurant Bangkok
inside Mai Kadee’s Vegetarian Restaurant Bangkok

Mai Kadee’s Vegetarian Restaurant — Khao San Rd, Bangkok

phone number: 02 629 4423
hours: Monday-Saturday 09.00-22.00
* Buffet Saturday night *



Mai Kaidee’s Vegetarian Restaurant at Khao San Rd. is an institution. A family run restaurant that has been in operation for decades, and still serves the tastiest vegetarian and vegan versions of Thai, and western fusion food.

Mai Kadee’s Vegetarian Restaurant

outside Mai Kadee’s Vegetarian Restaurant


The restaurant is just a a little away from the main action, at the eastern end of Khao San Rd (not the temple end), behind the Burger King, down an alleyway. Easy to spot when you are nearby. The restaurant has an open air, walk in design, with upstairs balcony seating. Not a classy, decor oriented restaurant (fans, not aircon), but one with a comfortable ambiance.


The food is the attraction. It is fantastic. Generous portions of freshly prepared and delicious vegetarian food. A mix of western and Thai. About fifty items on the menu (noodles, soups, curries, burgers), a small range of deserts, but with an extensive hot and cold drink (non-alcoholic) selection. All with a healthy orientation. The food can be prepared to your liking, ask for spicy. The staff all speak excellent English. No white rice, either brown or red.

Your fellow diners will be mostly foreigners visiting Thailand.

The price is higher than many other restaurants, lets say 300-500 baht ($10-$15) for a full meal, however, the quality matches the price.

Saturday night is a special night at Mai Kaidees—for it is Buffet Night! For the princely sum of 150 baht ($5) you can help yourself from two dozen or so selections. Drinks extra. A social time. Saturday night also includes entertainment. The waitresses dress in traditional Thai costume and dance traditional Thai dance. Arrive early, the restaurant is always packed and people do not want to leave.

If food is your fancy the restaurant also holds regular cooking classes. If you have a few days to spare sign up and learn how to cook these delicacies. Prices are around 500 baht per hour, with different cuisines and courses on offer.


If you wish to purchase your own supplies there is a English language recipe book and herbs on sale. Also a book on vegetarianism in Thailand, also in English.


Mai Kaidee is an actual person, now an elderly lady, who is still occasionally spotted in the restaurant she founded in the early 90s.

inside Mai Kadee’s Vegetarian Restaurant Bangkok

inside Mai Kadee’s Vegetarian Restaurant Bangkok

There are several other Mai Kaidee restaurants in the Kingdom of Thailand. A larger just a little away from Khao San, which is the HQ and main cooking class location. Chiang Mai also has a small Mai Kaidee’s tucked away on the other side of the eastern moat. A new addition is in Phnom Penh!

There are two other vegetarian restaurants in the same alleyway.

If you enjoy vegetarian fine dining and are in Bangkok then you must visit Mai Kaidee (especially on Saturday Buffet night). You won’t be disappointed.

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