Swingers in Phuket

phuket swingersLook at this good-looking couple holidaying in Phuket. did you know that they could be discreet swingers wanting to meet other like-minded swingers from all around the world?

Swingers in Phuket

Did you know that there are A LOT of Swingers visit Phuket? There are heaps. Swinging and dogging is now a big thing around the world and there is no shortage of newcomers being introduced to the game year-after-year. As you can understand, with all the young and sexy body’s getting around Phuket’s nice beaches, gyms and Muay-Thai camps there is certainly no shortage of swingers in Thailand.

phuket swingers

Look at this good-looking couple holidaying in Phuket. did you know that they could be discreet swingers wanting to meet other like-minded swingers from all around the world?

Swinger Clubs Phuket

Unfortunately there are no Swinger Bars or clubs in Phuket. Well none that we know of that the Farangs can visit. Apparently that type of open behaviour is considered illegal or frown upon here. But with all the older guys who grew up in the Swinging 60’s in Europe and USA, who are now living in Phuket and retired with their Thai Wife or Girlfriend, the older Farang’s have actually introduced their partners into the swingers lifestyle… Because Thai girls are human, and human’s like to do fun things, and swinging and dogging is fun, you can bet your life that there is in fact an underground swinging and dogging scene in Phuket, Thailand.

where can i go dogging in phuket

You would have to go for a search youself to find a place as quiet as this in Phuket to go for some dogging fun.

How to be a swinger in Phuket?

We get a lot of enquiries in regards to couples wanting to find other like-minded couples to swing with on their short trip to Phuket. Most of the Enquiries come from Couples, single men,and even single women staying in Patong. However, we do get a lot of enquiries with people from Kata, Karon, Rawai, Kathu and Phuket City too – Especially in High Season. Phuket turns into one big sex-fest.

dogging in Thailand

If only Thailand embraced Dogging and swinging more, this place would be even more fun!

We can put you in contact with other like minded swingers while on holiday! you can email us at [email protected] with a brief email stating who you are, what you are looking for and when and where in Phuket you are staying. We are managing this service well and are doing it free of charge. You can also feel free to drop your details down in the comments below to try and reach out to other swingers. Remember, there is more swingers in Thailand than you would think.


What single men should know about swinging in Phuket

It is not good etiquette for a single guy to go and get yourself a prostitute for the night in hope to bring along to the swingers party! Swingers frown upon this behaviour!

While Patong might be the home of escorts and prostitutes, bar girls and lady-boys, unfortunately they are not welcome to come to our swinger party nights. Also if you know anything about Thai Culture, it would be extremely unlikely that a Thai Girl would even consent to such behaviour as the idea of a swingers party in Phuket is that foreign to them they would be terrified of hearing about them, let alone wanting to go to one. It takes time and courage to introduce people to the swingers scene.

swingers in phuket

Do you want to introduce your Thai girlfriend or wife to swinging and dogging like many Farang beofre you have?

Thai women can attend, but other couples are not after sex with a prostitute. If they wanted this, they too can go and check out Bangla Road.

Can you bring a Lady-boy (katoey) to a swingers club?

Lady-boys are usually not welcome in the swinging lifestlye. You can let us know that they interest you, but I wouldn’t imagine too many other couple’s would be interested in that. Swinging is activity that is typical of two or more heterosexual couples. but it is now 2017 and anything goes, right?



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  1. Hi,
    We are Thai couple looking for 25-40 foreigner for casual swinging experience. Cleanliness is a must.
    We prefer white male with average body/looks

  2. hi guys,

    can we have some fun today?

  3. Hi,
    Sexy toned couple from Finland visiting Phuket 25.2-12.3.2018 and looking for good looking sexy couple to have fun. Also single lady to play with would be nice 😉


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