Are Thai people trustworthy and how to stay safe in Thailand?

how to avoid scams in Thailand
how to avoid scams in Thailand

Ten things you should always photograph with your camera phone

The phone on your camera is a wonder of technology. Its capabilities dwarf cameras of only a generation ago, and this power and ability can be put to good use to make your travel safer, more convenient, and better protected. Take a snap of everything important and necessary your travels. Get into this habit. It will save you time and trouble.

how to avoid scams in Thailand

how to avoid scams in Thailand

How to avoid being Scammed in Thailand

  • 1. Tickets
    The first and most obvious, when you buy a travel ticket, take a photo. This can be bus, plane, train, or ferry, or anything else, but take a photo. If your ticket is lost or if it is buried somewhere in your overstuffed wallet show the people concerned the photo. This won’t always get you out of trouble, but it will certainly help.
  • 2. Bus, trains and taxis
    When you get onto that bus or train, specially a bus, take a photo of the front of the bus showing the license plate, also, if the bus is labelled with a phone number photograph that as well. Because, buses and trains make stops, buses frequently in Thailand. People get off, stretch their legs, eat, pitstop, and there is always a remote possibility that the bus will leave without you. Having a photo of the bus, its company, even the driver will make tracking down and recovering your property easier.
  • 3. Hotel key or keycard
    Take a photo of your hotel key. Usually keys are left at reception when leaving a hotel. When you return it is far quicker to show the receptionist a photo than to bridge the linguist divide between English and Thai numbers. Also, who knows, you might even forget your room number after a hard day’s night.
  • 4. People
    People, not yourself, friends, or tourist photos, but people who you deal with and buy stuff from. If you buy an expensive gift in Thailand, take a photo of the gift, the receipt, the shop, and the person you purchased this from. In case of problems this will make settlement just that little easier.
  • 5. Receipts
    The most obvious, take a photo of your hotel receipt and all other receipts of consequence. In case of troubles (which do occur from time to time in every country), this will help.
  • 6. Your luggage going onto a bus and Left Luggage.
    In Thailand, in south-east Asia it is rare that luggage goes missing, but it can happen. To protect yourself, to help with that insurance claim, take a photo of your luggage whenever it leaves you sight. This can be a bus, plane, train, or simply where ever you leave your luggage.
  • 7. Your hotel
    Yes, take a quick photo of the exterior of your hotel. Yes, it has happened, people have forgotten their hotel. It happens. Take the photo.
  • 8. Departure and arrival points
    When you walk somewhere, take a few snaps along the way—just in case. Just in case you get lost. It happens. To everyone. Take a photo of landmarks that will enable you to find your way back.
  • 9. Rentals
    If you rent a motorbike or a car photograph the vehicle when you first take it our of the shop, then photograph it whenever it is parked. This gives you a clear, visual record of the bike or car to use in case of accident or theft. This will be a big help.
  • 10. Your possessions Last, but not least your stuff. Take a snap of your bags, your major items (computer, camera…), also large denomination bills, passport, visas—you get the idea. These are records to use in case of problems. Safe travel.

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