How much water to drink in Thailand to keep hydrated?

water refill machine in thailand
water refill machine in thailand

Hydration in the heat is survival instinct!
Or so you would think…..

It doesn’t always come as second nature to frequently top up with H20,
for many, dehydration is very much the normality of day to day life,
it can go un-noticed until pointed out.
Then when full hydration is experienced, the comparison is unbelievable, being an energised, alert & a fully functional human being is quite the novelty for some.

Add a consistent 30 (plus) degree heat to the dehydrated equation & we have ourselves some health concerns.
It only takes a very small level of de-hydration to have some pretty severe side effects.

Travelling or living in a hot & often humid country like Thailand, comes with a few health flags, hydration is most definitely one of them, possibly the most crucial of all.

When people sweat, they obviously lose even more body fluid than usual, so topping up is even more important, push it up the priority list & feel the body & mind benefits.

It’s not just the fluids the body is crying out for, it’s the lost salts too.
Sweating also means a loss of body salts, which won’t be replaced just by gulping on plain old drinking water.
In fact, the more water (without minerals) you put in, the more you dilute and flush through your essential salts.
Other fluids, like coffee, tea or alcohol, will act as a diuretic, this means that even more dehydration is taking place, often urinating more frequently.

You have 2 options when it comes to ensuring both your fluids & your body salts are in good supply, you either buy mineral water (approximate cost is 20Baht/1.5Litres),
or top up at the drinking water re-fill stations (approximate cost is 1Baht/Litre)
& add a small pinch of Pink Himalayan rock salt to each bottle, you shouldn’t be able to taste the salt!

If you have the environment for it, a kitchen (in a hostel or condo), going a step further & adding some fresh lime (incredibly cheap at all markets) will further plump up the healthy potency of your water,
creating an alkaline environment in your gut.

The salt adds the minerals & saves you purchasing water from the shops continuously, saving money
as well as reducing the excessive plastic waste that Thailand is swamped with!
Re-use your bottles or purchase an eco-friendly one (there are many cafes & stores selling them), buying one before you arrive is also an option.

If you want to go all out, there are now bottles with built in filters that will cleanse your water from bacteria, no matter how dirty. They will set you back a little, but are worth the investment.

Pink Himalayan Rock salt is usually easily accessible in Thailand, with most health stores stocking these super mineral packed crystals! There are also plenty of cafes selling it, alongside other essentials like honey, bug spray & tiger balm!

Do yourself a favour, for an enjoyable & energized Thailand experience, be kind to your body & get fully hydrated with mineral water!

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