Rain Season in Thailand can still be fun

Rain doesn’t stop play, it simply re-directs your day.

Authentic Thai & funky one of a kind hang outs are plenty, come rain or shine, they sit waiting for your arrival.

Thailand is jam packed with cafes & restaurants that all have their own unique style & energy.
Visiting in the rainy season (May-October), will mean you are likely to take a sudden dive into the closest facility, at least once,
if not daily!

Rest assured, this is a pleasant experience!
With so many incredible spots to hop into, mother nature is just giving you a swift nudge,
we could say this is perfect for the procrastinators!

There is a real diverse array of cafes across Thailand, from humid, hippie hang outs with bean bags & dream catchers,
the kind you’ll lose a whole day in!
To chic, A/C, western feel luxury that’ll freshen you up & have you on your way.

Either way, if the rain stops play, you’ll be re-directed into the nearest shelter!

At first, it may be a quick drink you order, a fresh young coconut, fruit smoothie
or locally sourced hot coffee!
As you take your time sipping, tasting every mouthful, the rain beats down on the corrugated roof above you, it gets heavy, very heavy!

With no sign of stopping, and raindrops the size of small grapes! You order another…..

In the meantime, you start observing the creativity all over the painted walls,
the soulful messages for readers to absorb make you stop
& get you thinking.
Taking in the words as if they’ve just been whispered to you, directly from Buddha!

The messages are clear in most parts of Thailand, love your neighbour, give, share, love & honour one another.
Be calm as you do so, no-one, and I mean no-one, is ever in a rush.

The rain compliments these messages, it can pour out the sky for hours, the water puddling up in the streets, making it seem rather inaccessible!

So, two drinks have been consumed & there is still no sign of clouds parting, another look at the mouth-watering & seemingly complex menu it is then…..

Alongside the vast selection, there is usually a very flexible approach to ordering, any dish that is made with a meat, can be willingly switched to fish, egg or tofu,
so most nutritional preferences are usually catered for with the Thai style meals.

Being placed into an environment in such a manner, really is a blessing.
It’s moments like these that you stumble across real hidden gems, notice things around you that may have otherwise gone un-seen &
missed out on the tasty dish you’d never have known about!

You’ve three options when it comes to this – rain re-directed play scenario,
you wait it out, steadily ordering more delicious delights,
you take the weather on the chin, armed with a poncho & a smile,
or you flag down a tuk-tuk/red truck.

When staying put, rest assured, staff are very accommodating, there isn’t any pressure to keep ordering,
although you may want to, they are used to the rain bringing an influx of shelter seekers & will happily have you stay with a single purchase,
in all honesty, their warm hearts would shelter you without a sale,
that’s all part of the community feel in Thailand,
come rain or shine.

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