Food4Thought, Chiang Mai

food4thought Chiang Mai
Nice Thai style atmosphere

Food4Thought, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Address: 15/5 Moo 1, Soi Sudjai, Tanon Khlong Chonlapratarn.

Phone: 053 217 395 Facebook: Food4ThoughtCM

Hours: Mon-Sun 08.00-21.00.

Parking available outside the restaurant.

Parking food4thought Chiang Mai

food4thought Chiang Mai Parking

This restaurant is one of the best in Chiang Mai, but little visited by tourists as it is not found inside the usual tourist haunts, and it markets itself instead to expats and long term foreign residents. It is located outside the north-west corner of the moat (the central, “Old City” of Chiang Mac), and is surrounded by apartment buildings. The reason for its success is the quality and taste of the food served.

The food on the menu is remarkably good. It is largely western food, but with a Thai/Asian mix. You can order smoothies, coffee, teas, juice, soups, wraps, burgers, breakfasts, dinners, even Mexican—and fried rice. The food is well prepared, served in generous portions, and is cooked in a healthy manner. Your inner gourmet spirit will be happy. The philosophy of the restaurant, which is printed on the menu, is to provide healthy, homemade, and nutritious food using local ingredients, including “ugly” food. Ugly food being top quality, but misshapen or discoloured ingredients. There is a distinct and pleasant green vibe to this restaurant. The menu is generously sprinkled with vegan and vegetarian options, however, if you don’t see anything specifically in this category, the chef can cook most anything available in the manner you desire.

One notable absence is sweet food, no cakes or pastries. No desert in fact—the healthy food mantra of the restaurant. Alcohol (and virgin alternatives) are on sale. The drinks menu has several craft and imported beers. The staff speak good English, and the service is quick. A visitors book ‘floats’ around the restaurant—and just reading this is a hoot. Customers have left glowing recommendations, sketches, and even poetry. Meetings, if you and your group hold regular meetings, then Food4Thought can host your members.

food4thought Chiang Mai

Nice Thai style atmosphere

There are two meeting rooms, large and small where you are welcome to sit free of charge (though of course, most people order food and drink). There are frequent expat meetings here, where important matters of state are discussed. There is also a display of goods for sale. These include locally made craft jams, exotic salt (reputed to have a distinctive taste), bags made from recycled materials, and a variety of healthy and tasty snacks. You need not return home empty handed. Speaking of which, the restaurant does have a delivery service in the local area. Free to sign up and take part. Fast and free wifi is also on offer, and you will see a few fellow dinners busily using, however, the restaurant does not attract serious net users. It is a place rather to eat and socialise.

From the outside, surrounded by apartment buildings Food4Thought does not stand out, but as soon as you walk inside you will enter a different world from the hot and dusty street outside. The interior of the restaurant themed in wood has comfortable seating and a warm ambience. Recommended.

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