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Koh Samui เกาะสมุย

Koh Samui 247- square – kilometre. Samui island is Surat Thani’s major tourist attraction. Located 258 nautical miles south of Bangkok, and some 84 kilometres east of the provincial capital, Koh Samui measures some 21 kilometres at its widest point, and 25 kilometres at its longest. A 51-kilometre ring and largely coastal road encircles the island, which has numerous lovely beaches and bays, and is almost literally an island of coconuts and forested hills.


Samui’s best beaches line the northern and eastern coasts, the most popular being Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai, where generally attractive accommodation can be found. Other beaches include Hat Choeng Mon, Hat Mae Nam in the north and Hat Na Thon, the island’s major seafront settlement where shops, restaurants and tour agencies are concentrated. At the southern end of Lamai Bay are phallic rock formations called Hin Ta Hin Yai. A path connects the three waterfalls, called Namtok Hin Lat, Namtok Lat Wanon, and Namtok Na Muang, from west to south. The waterfalls are best visited during rainy season. Elephant riding is an interesting activity at the Na Muang waterfall. There are some Buddhist monuments and temples on the island: Phra Yai is a massive seated Buddha image; Phrathat Hin Ngu is a stupa containing the Buddha’s relics and Chedi Laem So, a golden stupa on the western coast; and Wat Khunaram houses the dead body of Luang Pho Daeng which does not decay.


How to get to Koh Samui

Take a Bangkok airplane to Surat Thani.

When arriving in Surat Thani, take a taxi to Lomprayah company.

Lomprayah Company is located at the bus transport company in downtown Surat Thani to buy a ferry ticket.When to buy a finished boat ticket.

There will be a tour bus for tourists to pick up at Lomprayah company to go to Dansak pier for take a boat Lomprayah.

Then the boat will travel to Koh Samui quickly. Because it is a speed boat. It takes less than an hour to get to Koh Samui.


How to Travel Koh Samui and hotel

Upon arrival in Koh Samui . Motorcycle can be rented to drive around the island.

And you can ride a motorcycle to find a hotel at a desired price.

The preferred hotels are  ibis koh Samui

If you are traveling to Ibis Hotel, take a van from Koh Samui Pier to Ibis Hotel.

The details about the Ibis Samui Bophut are all set in a unique and unique setting. The beachfront location offers stunning sea views. All modern rooms are equipped with free wireless internet, tea and coffee making facilities. Drinking water and balcony reception included. Food and beverage is available 24 hours, 15 minutes walk from the charming fishing village and 15 minutes by shuttle bus to Chaweng Beach. Relax by the pool, relax at the bar. Explore Bophut Bay with kayak as the only 3-star international hotel in BoPhut.


Places of interest in Koh Samui are Hin Ta Hin Yai Popular Tourist Attraction The shape of the strange stone looks similar to the male and female sex organs. Legend has it that. At one time, there were a couple of grandmothers named Mok and Mummy both being Pakpanang villagers in Nakhon Si Thammarat  province. Travel by sailing To go to the daughters of the eyes of  PrachuapKhiri Khan. But on the way to a great storm. The boat collapsed before both grandmothers died. And waves come to the beach to become a legendary stone mythology of Koh Samui. Nowadays, anyone visiting Koh Samui is required to capture the image of Hin Ta Hin Yai. In addition, here is a beautiful sunset.Traveling from the main road (around the island) from Chaweng. Drive south until you reach Lamai. Market will have a sign on the left. Tell the entrance Hin Ta Hin Yai (From Chaweng, it takes about 30 minutes)Opening Hours: Open daily


And another interesting place.

Hua Thanon Beach is next to the secluded Natien Beach and on the south side next to Lamai Beach. Another peaceful beach. Most tourists are not very well known. The beach has a stretch. So the water level is not too deep. This beach is very convenient for traveling to Nathon Beach. Because it is a major road. From Lamai, cut the middle of the island to Nathon Beach, another tourist attraction of Koh Samui.Getting to the ferry pier Tourists can rent a car. It’s a quick and easy way to get the most out of Koh Samui. Because it does not waste time like using a minibus service. In addition, some places do not have access to minibus. If driving to own, it will save more than the car.Opening Hours: Open daily


How to get back to Surat Thani

Take a van or a minibus to Koh Samui Pier for to buy a ferry ticket to Surat Thani. A place to buy ferry tickets near Koh Samui Pier. When taking the Lomprayah boat to Donsak pier.There will be a tour bus to the city of Surat Thani.Upon arrival in downtown Surat Thani.Take a taxi to Surat Thani Airport. And buy airfare to Bangkok.

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