10 places you must visit in Chiang Mai

10 Places to go in Chiangmai, Thailand

By Josunpong, a Thai Local


Inside the capital

  1. Tha Phae Gate

This is the very old beautiful city gate of Chiang Mai capital. You can go and take a beautiful photos to keep the wonderful memories.






  1. Wat Chedi Luang

This is the biggest pagoda of Chiang Mai temple. There are a lot of temple in Chiang Mai capital and they are so history and beautiful. You could take a photo or learn the interesting history of them




  1. Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre

This is the Chiang Mai history museum. This place will give you a lot of history and culture of Chiang Mai.




  1. The North Gate

This is the best jazz music bar. You should enjoy jazz music with some drink every night.



  1. Zoe in Yellow

This is the place to get a drunk and dance. If you would like to dance or do some thing crazy, please go to this place.



Outside the capital

  1. Doi Suthep

This is the temple on the top of mountain where close to Chiang Mai capital. You will take only haft hour from Chiang Mai capital to go to this place. You should feel relax with the view beside the road and see the Chiang Mai view from the top of mountain.




  1. Chiang Dao Cave

This is the dark long cave in the North forest where very far from Chiang Mai capital. You absolutely love the view beside the road and you will see how is this cave interesting.



  1. Grand Canyon Chiang Mai

This is the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai. You can go to play many kind of crazy activity such as jump to water. There are not so far from Chiang Mai capital.


  1. Doi Inthanon

This is the highest mountain of Thailand. You should go there on winter because you will see the fog sea and feel relax with natural view.




  1. Pai, Thailand

This is the peaceful place. There are quite so far from capital of Chiang Mai and the way to take this place is very horrible. However, when you arrived you must feel greatful and you will love this place.

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