Train Ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Train Ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
Thank god it was possible to upgrade to 1st classs train ticket -private cabin sleeper

Train ride from Bangkok Train Station to Chiang Mai Train Station Review

This is my review of the Train ride an Australian took on the 26th May, 2016 from Bangkok to Chang Mai by rail.

I have always wanted to visit Chang Mai in Thailand by I was never so sure on how to get there as I really hate aeroplanes and airports. And while I visited Perugia and Bangkok many times, I still have never seen much of the regional areas and exotic places Thailand has to offer.

So I thought a bus would be a great way of travelling from Bangkok to Chang Mai, however I kept on searching and found out that they actually run a overnight train from Bangkok to Chang Mai. It turns out that this train is also sleeper train variants. I have never been on a sleeper train before and I think that the idea of catching a train in the evening at Bangkok, and waking up an entirely new destination early in the morning is just absolutely brilliant. I mean, imagine just dozing through the night not having the a extra money to stay in a hostel or hotel, and then just pleasantly arriving in Chang mind the morning ready to explore the new city.

Also I’ve heard much of the good news about these trains where it is quite comfortable to sleep on, and also the views of the mountains the sunrise as you’re coming in the Chang Mai- I cannot wait for this.

I will be updating this page after my journey to let you know how it really all went.

Train Ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Thank god it was possible to upgrade to 1st classs train ticket -private cabin sleeper

So far I’ve gone to the dodgy booking agency lady that rents a small area inside my motel foyer. She said she will book my ticket and just wants an extra 200 baht. That 200 by she can have. The total price came to 1100 Thai baht for second class sleeper train. I initially wanted a first class sleeper as they are only an extra 500 baht, as the first class sleeper sounds like it would be a hell of a lot more comfortable, but I was told the 6 PM train and 7:30 PM trains that are leaving tonight from Bangkok are actually all booked out in first class, so second class sleeper it is!

Comfort on the train

As soon as we got assigned to our cabins we had the oppurtunity to sit and rest, use laptop, phones, eat what we had bought on with us. Around 45 mins into Journey the stewardess brings us a menu of the choices we can have for Dinner. Being a vegetarian I opted to eat at station, but i chose toast and coffee for breakfast. When breakfast deliveries came around at 630 am i was given what looked like hospital food. The bread seem to have been toasted 6 hours before, buttered and covered with cling wrap to get all soggy and moist. It was horrendous. The coffee, well you can imagine a paper cup of black coffee with a sachet of whitener. As bad as the coffee was, it was the highlight.

I am not sure why i started to feel suddenly ill with nausea and a headache 2 hours in, but it was also 40 mins after i popped 5mg of valium. It may be food poisoning or travel sickness… not too sure. However i did go to the bathroom and relieve myself and turns out i was quite constipated. The sickness remained however.

Being 90kgs I would say I am 15 kgs too heavy for the mattress i slept on. It didnt take long for me to wake up a few hours into sleep feeling like i had just been laying on a plank of wood!

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