Are Thai Ladies Trustworthy?

Are Thai Girls worth engaging in a relationship and bringing home?

    1. Thai girls are extremely racist! If you are an Indian, or Pakistani – They will treat you not very good at all! If you are not a man that comes from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, or any other Western country, DO NOT expect a Thai Girl to give you half a chance.

      Old-man-with-thai girlfriend

      Is this you? can you relate to this old passionfruit? These dirty mutts are loving your money!

    2.  Thai Girls are MUTTS BY NATURE – Absolute dirtbags who are just after your money, and mainly concerned about what type job you have, and the size of your salary. They simply pump you because you can give them a ‘FREE RIDE’ – not because they love you.

      Thai Girls love money

      These money hungry mutts will stop at nothing when it comes to greed and money! Filthy whores!

    3.  Thai Girls prefer to love their family over their partner. The Thai Girl will use your money to look after their mother first and foremost, and send money to the grandmother who is looking after their own child from a relationship when they were 16 and got pumped by the local Tuk-Tuks. They send this full Thai baby to the jungle with their parents to look after.

      Thai tuk tuk driver

      Thai men are the reason why Thai girls are happy to look elsewhere for a relationship, husband and baby provider. Thai men are mostly Tuk Tuk drivers, and not very attractive to Thai women.

    4. Thai Girls are not loyal at all. They simply care about money too much. They will happily open their legs for the next fat ass American to pump them for $30USD, while you think you have a lovely girl half your age – If you think you have a lovely Thai girlfriend/wife  – YOU ARE KIDDING yourself!

      how to find out if a thai girl is cheating

      Your Thai mutt loves working and drinking with er friends while you are away!

    5.  Thai girls are FLAT CHESTED MUTTS. They would love to get $5000 from you, so they can visit Bangkok hospital and getter bigger boobies, as bigger boobies will increase their customers, and we all know that more customers for them, means more money to them!

      thai girls have small boobs

      This is a familiar chest size of 99.9% of these Thai bitches!

    6.  Thai Girls have a hierarchy of love that they all strictly adhere to. It goes like this in order of most love to the least; Their parents, Their Children, Their Grandparents, Their extended relatives, Their Friends, The Local Tuk- Tuk man, The dirty stray cat that lives outside 7/11, then you… You aint anything to them, but a cash machine!

      thai girl loves family too much

      Look at the family picture, YOU AINT IN IT!!

    7. They are not even good at pumping or sex. Deadset, next time you go to Thailand, shout your Thai Mutt a Karma Sutra book. You would think that Thai Girls would be good at least GOOD AT SEX, rather then just being a flat chested mutt that will give you a strong strain of Chlamydia that takes more than 2 Azithromycin pills to get rid of. These Garlic smelling Thai Girls are dirty and disease ridden.

  1. They are selfish, and expect you to buy them clothes, Iphones, IPADS, Laptops, phone credit, Shoes, Jewellery, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at all the flash joints in the vicinity – Such REALLY BAD MUTTS they are. You would have to be the oldest western PASSIONFRUIT to fall for such a dirty dart of a Thai Girl!

    Western man dating thai girls

    Such a western Passionfruit who is seeking a filthy Thai girl!

Are ALL Thai Girls filthy mutts?

Is this true? or have you met a lovely, caring Thai Girl before, we would love to hear your branwashed story! before replying, how about thinking about waking up and smelling the roses! Thai Girls are not for relationships.

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