Do Thai girls like Indian men?

Do Thai girls like Indian men?

Many Indians frequently travel to and visit Thailand in the hope that they will finally lose their virginity before they turn 40 years of age. Indian men are considered very desperate and dateless. The majority of Thai women are disgusted by Indian and Arab men, who expect that just by arriving to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket they will have gorgeous young sexy Thai girls try themselves at them. This train of thought could not be any more further from the truth – Thai girls hate Indian men!

The main reasons why Thai girls really don’t like Indian men is the fact that they are very poor people, come from a very poor country, and also stink like a dead rat. Thai women are Buddhists. They love Buddha very much and they want absolutely nothing to do with Hinduism, and people who did not like to eat cows. Thai women absolutely love a nice roasted steak.

Indian men travel in groups to Thailand

We find that there are many middle-aged groups of Indian men who often travel to Thailand together. They come here together as a group of friends, who have all saved up for 10 years since they were 30 to lose their virginity by their 40th birthday.

So after 10 years of saving money for this trip the Indian man board a flight to Phuket International airport, jump out, try and familiarise themselves with the area, and head straight for the nearest Phuket brothel. When Thai girls who worked at the Phuket brothel see that it is Indian men who were next in line to use their service, the Thai girls make no hesitation at jacking the price up. They know that these Indian men are desperate and will pay whatever it is they need to, to lose their virginity. Thai girls know that the sole reason why Indian men visit Thailand is just to lose their virginity.

What do Thai girls think of Indian men?

Thai girls hate the fact that Indian men never use deodorant also in a shower. Thai girls are very clean people, and they try and smell beautiful and sexy all the time. This frustrates the Thai girl, as Indian men don’t respect the troubles that Thai girls go to, to freshen up, bathe and shower – just like the rest of the world.

Indian man having sex in Thailand with girls

Indian man having a bath in dirty water

Also India is the poorest country in the world. This is not at all appealing to Thai people, especially not Thai women. Thai women want rich husbands who can provide and look after the girls and their children. Put simply, Thai girls are looking for real men.

Advice to Indians travelling to Thailand

If you are an Indian man who is looking to come to Thailand to get lots of cheap sex from Thai women, we would strongly suggest you to think again. Thai women are not easy to have sex with. Indian men will find that Thai girls will charge them a lot of money to have sex with them. Usually 2 to 3 times more than if a Thai prostitute had a Caucasian client.

Thai girls were like Indian men if they have a lot of money. We sincerely hope that you plan to bring a lot of money to Thailand, as the Thai women will bleed you dry financially.

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      • Amen, even Indian women smell worst than a bears ass. Instead of taking a bath in clean water, they smother themselves with this god awful perfume called “Essence of Man Slaughter”, enough to kill a large cobra. These people are the scum of the world.

    • Dear motherfucking troll.
      You are the biggest racist mother fucker on the internet
      600 million men in India and you chose to think of them all as desperate and dirty.
      There are more white peadophiles who come to Thailand for sex tourism and there is nearly 400,000 Indians living and working in thailand as expacts.
      I have visited Thailand and made women friends who I still keep in touch with after coming to India.They are regular employees and not sex workers.
      You showed the picture of a man ,he was actually cleaning the drain and not taking a bath..

    • There is truth somewhat i am Indian but admin must know the people who come there they are like that some are good to in every country u will find good and bad man or good or bad lady. Admin i have thai gf i am Indian man so pls its an request don’t just u know share ur feelings personal take review from all bcz u represent thai girl all using internet ur spreading wrong msg. I hope we can have debate on it. Lord buddha is frm India.

  1. I think by “Indian” men, you are probably referring to Pakistani’s, Bangladeshi’s etc. because it is practically impossible to tell them apart.

    Muslim countries are very strict about sex before marriage, and muslim men are generally really desperate for any type of woman, because in their country, they don’t even get to see women’s faces, or bodies, or anything, and just fantasize all the time.

    If there was some way to teach all foreigners from third world countries how to behave (and smell), that would be nice, but in the meantime, lets just try to give pointers to whoever we see, behaving badly in Thailand or anywhere else, as gently as possible!

    Nice post!

    • I think we have many types of Thai women as we see in every country around the world. So it not means every Thai woman want only rich men or hate Indian men. At least me! I want the good man more than rich or poor.

      “Real” Thai woman

  2. i read . and laugh . @admin where did u found this stat ? august 2015 . i visited thailand last time. and i have many many friends from bangkok , pattaya . only 15-20% thai think themself as son/daughter of farang . due to they hate indians . and u talking about group traveler.

    yes , india have shortage of girls . but its depends on person to person . in india every city i have 1-2 girl friend. in PHIL , VIETNAM , THAILAND ,INDONASIA …

    depends on person to person …

      • I am Thai and I am sure you are wrong! coz at least I like everything of your country. A question I want to ask you. Have you ever known or talked to all educated or good girls around Thailand? Maybe you went only city where foreigners love to go. We have 78 provinces and each area we are different in both culture and the way of life. So you cant judge how we are if you still haven’t known all part of us. ? Moreover, one thing you should note Thai prostitutes are not educated and some of them come from some country near Thailand They can speak Thai and their looks like Thai woman. In addition some woman comes from Isarn to work in tourism cities (Isarn is the poorest region of the country ) They believe to get rich man can develop their lifes so they work at night and these make all Thai woman look bad in the view of male foreigners who dont know the truth as you! I am sorry if my English is poor.


      • Admin the pic shown this post is is a worker cleaning drainage in some indian one will bath in a drain.why you mislead people.

      • Daer Admin you are totally wrong ,,i have a friend from Thailand ,,who is a very senior teacher in a senior college.i have been to her house and stayed many times and she has visited all places in India. she comes every years once to India, an she and her friends have a very high regards for India and Indians. i have even attended her fathers funeral ,who was retired Deputy in Police department. she is a Buddhist but the funeral was very much the same as we have for Hindus in India.

        you might be talking about sex workers or bar girls who might be thinking some bad about some Indian tourists not for all.

        please correct yourself.

        i have visited Thailand more then twenty times and all places and have been treated very well being an Indian,,may be i am a grown up man, who know to behave.

        you can compare donkeys and race horses. i have seen yankies and other white people, bargaining with sex workers on road,

        it likes you are a raciest and well Indians are much more over Over then all westerns in living conditions too, baring the villagers,

        please correct yourself.

        • its true, Indians live on streets, eat too mucch curry, beep car horns all day and dirty and any man rape!

          • Dear Admin,

            Seems like you are hiding yourself somewhere in America. You have too much information about thai working girls as prostitutes. I think you must be a lady body with boobs who had a hard time with a GAY indian. If it is M/M there is for sure bed smell all around as you will be fucking ass and drinking the smelly cum.

            Thai girls in general like Indian mens for a reason that they have an average tool size.

            Thailnad is a tropical weather zone and no matter which country you come from and how good deo you are wearing, you will stink after few hours on street.

            Showers are there in hotel and no girl will fuck you without the client taking shower before action.

            Its a filipino trend you are talking about that they like farana. Its filipino girls who want to fuck a farang in order to get married and settle in america or europe.

            Yes the men in the pit is cleaning the pit and not taking shower.

            have respect for any person from any country. If you are cultured and have courtesy for others, you would have never degraded the thai working girls as prostitutes so badly as each and every girl is serving expats in order to feed their family bread and butter.

            Thai girl do it for bread and butter. all the white cunts do it for extra money and fun . White dick like the asian cunts because the white pusssies are so broad and loose that they need the african dicks in their pussy to feel pain in the tube.

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  3. Totally agree, Indians and Arabs are not liked by Thais. They put up with us because so many now travel to Thailand. I have white and black friends and when you walk with them the girls can’t stop trying to get you’re attention but with Indians they will usually look away and try and avoid eye contact. Generally they have a very low opinion of Indians and many of the desperate Indians walking around in groups don’t help themselves. Going back 10 years there were very few gogo bars that Indians would be let into, it’s got better but you still often get stopped from going in with members only excuse when trying to get into the more popular ones. It’s something you have to accept and work around, you can’t change Thai mentality. There are now more Indian restaurants to cater for Indians so it’s better as a tourist.

  4. I really have no say about this article to critizing the Indians on their negative point very deeply, I would like to say something that, Indians may be poor and they are not lack of fancy. Indian girls are most beautiful in the world and they are deserved for it. Tho Indians may stink, they are honest and responsible to girls, I’m taking about the majority. You people are simply pointing out Indians negativity n here Indians gives lot of respect to girl tho some places it’s not true. This article is completely bull shit just intending to criticizing Indians. Finding no info. Good luck to wash ur mind try to find the real truth.

  5. Thailand country of whores and pimps
    More Poor then India
    May be you don’t any thing about India admin???????
    Or you don’t know about Thailand

  6. This post has been written by a wretched bastard who recently found out that his mother was gangbanged raw by a group of Indian men for free and he was the product of one of those encounters not knowing who is his real Indian dad.

    • Indian men are fucking pathetic losers. I am a white guy living in India, and indian men are the most obnoxious, ignorant, smelly, stupid, rude, and disgusting people on this planet. I truly wish you indian men would all kill yourself, and take your stupid indian women with you. Indian women are the world’s UGLIEST women, have the worst attitudes, and SMELL like shit. I’ve fucked about 20 indian women so far and they were all completely boring in bed, some of them smelled, and they were all fat and ugly. Thankfully I have an indian fetish otherwise I would never touch such subhuman filth.

      Indians are subhumans and need to be wiped off this planet. Thank you Admin for speaking the truth!

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  7. I am from Paki decent, born in Europe and lived all my life in Houston, USA
    Becouse the look and not being differt from Indians my whole vacation was no so pleasant since Indians stink and they are cheap and really fucked up ppl specially the dark ones I think South Indian or madras, even going shopping or just try to get some massage is wrecked cuz the fucking indians already fucked it up for the rest who look South Asian or middle eastern, plz don’t get me wrong I don’t even like the PAKIS THEY ARE ASSHOLES ASWELL fucking Islamist who just think they can do all they want for others but don’t follow anything themselves so fuck the Indians and the Pakis Hindu or Muslim don’t matter cuz they are bad humans.

    • Very good response from a Paki descendant. Sorry you were born half Paki, but as long as you let people know you do not share their religion or extreme views, you will get far!

    • Pakistanis are generally decent people, compared to Indians at least.

      Indians are the absolute worst human scum on this planet. They embody every negative characteristic you can even think of, and nothing positive. The world would be a better place if every single indian was killed.

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  8. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Nothing in world can be better than this story of cock and bull that u have posted. Way to go my friend. U have a great career in fiction writing. All the best.

    For the record I have never been to Thailand and I never wanted to. But after reading this I think I will go at least once.

    And yes I am an Indian and proud of it.

      • Hey Admin,

        I think every country is unique in this culture and way of life. Just stinking does not say we are bad/poor. I am a Scientist and I don’t stink. I respect culture for every country and would also respect other if he/she is black or white. Its all about humanity , courtesy and respect to each other.

        Try to accept and like people how they are.

        All the best.

        Author | Scientist | Traveler

      • I had planned to come over there in january.after reading this stuff will rethink.As a proud indian i welcome all thai brothers and sisters to our country.we welcome all people irrespective of their wealth.Even if you are poor you are always welcome.

  9. hahaha seriously hilarious post it is.. These motherfuckers dont even know about India or Indians. Ask them to post their pics and we’ll post ours. They dont even know India is Country where all kinds of people live, Black, White, Brown, Chinese all. These bastards r ashamed of there fucked up countries and this bastard is living in India and fucking some aunties. Chii he could even found 1 decent girl. Must be a bad n fat ass shit to whom girls dont even like to see.. Stop living in Indian Slums my come. Come in some decent parts of india. Looks like u r a dustbin picker working in Indian slums.

      • Is it true all Thai man have small dicks

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  11. Don’t know why u post like this admin . M inviting u pls visit the real India

  12. I can agree to some of the stuff you got posted on here. Personally I’ve never had a problem meeting with regular girls while travelling in South East Asia.
    It Could be because I was born in Canada, know some manners, hygene and be respectful of other culture.

    Also, if your Thai, I hope that you know that 90% of your history, traditions, food and monuments are influenced by Indians.

    Good luck with your life.

    -Canadian born indian

  13. Iam sure the Author of this story is confused about India or its culture. First , India has more than 25 states and each of the state has its own culture, own people and own language.The author cannot generalise with the statement “INDIAN MEN” since within INDIA there are Malayalis, tamils, bengalis and so on… Each of these people have their own culture and history. Besides , I have been to Bangkok twice and i could see only 20% of thais still think of racism , however, other are good friends.Could the author clarify on which indians he is talking about in this story??

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    Yours truly,
    A proud Indian

  16. WHat an asshole you are, admin! Haha, I am just amused by this. You women sleep for money, they don’t have food. You pimp them openly 🙂

    Yes, some Indians who come there are shitty. But they are shitty for normal Indians too. Just like you are a shit hole 😀

    • You’re not Farang..but you’re an idiot Filth Indian man who pretend to be like Farang..

  17. You have filthy thought…that’s all….see a vet….shall help you…get well soon…

  18. Well, I do agree that some Indians are not clean and misbehave , but you can not view all Indians like these. Recently, I had notices Two major changes which may change your views about India or Indians !

    1. Pattaya : my first shocking observation is No.s of Indian restaurants opened in Pattaya, even in almost all small sois (Roads) and they all are doing business well. I had also notices no.s of Non-indian people are having Indian food. so, some peoples curry eater smell argument should be rethink.

    2. India , the new Destination for finding Thai Girls !

    Don’t be surprised by this fact !!

    Thai spas are mushroomed in almost every streets of Indian cities since last 3-4 years and offering different types of massages along with “extras” !

    Normal charges are 500 thb (1000 INR) for massage and 1000 thb (2000 INR) for BBBJ / HJ.

    FS may be offered upon repeat visits. soapie/nuru not available. Most of therapists were Thai and at some places “thai” looking beautiful North-east Indian Girls.

    I had tried in Mumbai, Delhi, Vadodara, Indore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ranchi, Jaipur, jodhpur, Goa, Nagpur, Bangalore, Bhopal during last Three months of my official tour. All Spas chains offered 35 to 60% discount membership package also.

    You can google it also by searching : thai massage in (City Name)

    Initially, these girls were challenged legally, as they were doing massage work while entering in India by obtaining tourist visa. But, now many Thai girls are now arriving by obtaining Six months Business visa ! What it shows that these poor woman want to work irrespective of nationality. If any dirty farang customer visit her, she will also not like her.

    However, my view is to respect these ladies , treat them good, tip well, stay cleaned and wear good smile on your face, thats only you need while with Thai girl !

  19. Dear admin ,seems you are a Thai,and I am sorry to say you people owe us a lot ,even for your existence.Even your God Budha is Indian .You worship Brahma an Indian God ,your towns ,cities even your airport are of Indian names.Most Indians particularly Hindus bathe twice even during winters,so the west cannot sermon us Yes there are shortcomings too and those need to be addressed

  20. I think this admin is a fuckin neo narsi racist…I have a lot of friends in Thailand,both boys and girls….I have a thai girlfriend too who works in Thai Railways…I never felt that Thai people hates or disgust Indians…this post really sounds hilarious…and the photo you have posted here….you have described that as an Indian man having bath in dirty water….actually that’s a foolish man trying remove junk from drainage man hole….I can show a thousand of photos like that from any country around the world…no place is perfect….All Indians are not clean..I agree…but all thai people are not hygienic too….I came from a place which is known as Gods own Country where 100% literacy has achieved before 20 years from now….we people are also hygienic and well earning….I spent my one month’s salary every six months in Thailand….that’s enough for me to have a decent holiday….so don’t claim that India is land of poor…..your country is only 1/5 th of mine….India its diverse culture and vivid geography… don’t know a shit about India or Indians…..I challenge you cannot prove that in any aspect, Your country is better than Our Incredible India….Jai Hind….

  21. thai girls are whores. They like stripping for money and they’ll probably suck ur dick too since they’re so attention starved! lol they’re gold diggers, slutty attention starved SLUTS and aren’t even ashamed to bare their ugly ass on the internet for any pervert to view they are truly DUMB and DISGUSTING SLUTS. So go for it!!

  22. You sound like a frustrated citizen of a country which has been turned into a third rate whorehouse by travellers who want cheap sex and by the money hungry women of the country. I find it horrific that even the wives and sisters from well settled families make routine visits to Pattaya where they suck a few cocks and use the money for buying duplicate branded shit from MBK or wherever they do their shopping from. Thailand has unfortunately no economy except selling their woman. The few men who are not making from whoring try to abuse and cheat tourists and extort money. The India you call poor can buy Thailand hundred times over without even a fart. You may be right about horny and smelly Indians but does anybody visit Thailand for anything else besides screwing your women and dropping their load their ? In India Thailand is considered a low class whorehouse where only the lower classes are now going there to drop their load. You will no longer find quality Indians there. You are happy when some wite skinned guys come to your country to sodomize your children which it appears you consider a privilege because of their skin colour. In India . Instead of blaming Indians your country would do well to change from a country of cheap sluts pimps and thugs by providing good education and developing honest business and industry which could earn your country some respect.

      • Theres no need to . We have your women brought here to suck our cocks and then send them back. They are nothing but cheap shit and there’s no need to travel to your filthy capital which reels of cum with your filthy river full of germs and disease. Your entire country stinks like the inside of a used condom. Don’t worry I will never visit your cumhole country even for free.

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      • Your economy mostly depends on Tourism and indians contribute a lot to your tourism sector.
        You have alot to take from india than to give anything.

  23. You fucking Thai assholes write English the way you fucking pimp your women. Try to find a good translator who can properly translate your pimp language. Your race is a fucking curse on humanity. You are responsible for all the veneral disease and AIDS in the world. You are the filthiest cum smelling rats in this world. Seventy percent of the worlds cum permeates your atmosphere rivers and surroundings. The world will be much better place if your entire country drowns in the cum unloaded by the world in your fucking whorehouse country.

    • let us think. You dirty, Indian Black man. You live India and so many people love on street and cook curry. and really rude persons. stop talking about thailand. it very beautiful and you are just black indian man. who is black and does stink farts all time from curry

      • Aha you’re back for more you thai cum stinker. Listen you pimp. You sound like a asshole when you call me black. I’m fairer than any Thai motherfucker I have ever seen. What do you think you are, Englishmen? You uneducated thugs can’t talk in any Language except for pimping your women. You look like pigs with eyes like arse crack. Ugliest creatures on the earth who should be exterminated.. Your women smell like a combination of cum and shit because they do 20 men in a day and dont take a bath. Your Arab customers first sodomize the girls then shove their cocks covered in shit into their mouths transferring the shit into their mouths which makes them stink so much. Your race is a disgrace to the world. My great nation will ban Thais from entering very soon.

  24. i stumbled on this page accidentally while searching for Bangkok tourism. My sincere advice … you first go take a bath and clean yourself. You have shit inside ur body 24/7 and you talk about indians in general. You say deodorants are not used by indians. Indians realy bath and keep their body clean. You on the other hand never bath and always use perfumes to hide your filthy smell.

  25. A Thai smelly dog calling others name is funny !! Thailand itself is a dirt poor smelly ass filthy face country of yellow colored shit people who sell their women for money and become ladyboys to entertains us all the time. My trip to thailand convinced me not to go to that aids infected hellhole ever…As a German i must say curries are spicy but thai curry is spicy and tastes shit ..You can bang any thai woman if u show them some money i go after class and sanitation of my partner so i didnt want to date any thai women because they are not just ugly but smells as shit because of their spices and curry :D…indians smells too but atleast they have respect for themselves while thai niggas are always ready to sell their mothers Arses to us so we can throw some money to them…Never in my life i have seen such ugly and shameless people who dont have any honor and would do anything for money…Germans are more focused on sanitation so rarely u would see a german bathing in dirty thai rivers or banging smelly ass yellow whores of thailand..i am not racist but somehow because of their cheap shameless behavior and lust for money made me hate them so much ..Lost all respect for them if i had any in past ..i dont understand how these ugly malnourished ladyboys of thailand can blabber crap about others …They want to be whites but sorry to say they could not even after we banged their women for centuries..typical slave minded thai shit people..

    • You are not German, you are Indian using a German name. Indians use names of White peoples and Japanese and write comments in shitty desi English. This is so funny, many people around the world makes fun of this strange Indians phenomenon.

  26. Hey admin ; I am from southern parts of India; black smelly guys as some people mentioned; yup been to Pattaya alone and guys from India , what admin say are true. Girls just hate me and many girls said directly to me that Indians are smelling bad and fat ugly etc.
    But still what to say I am also an ashamed citizen of India, fucking looting politicians and tortoise law ensures us to become scums on the earth.
    But still on the brighter note , Indians have a tolerable mind , I have seen Brits and other foreigners fighting with prostittutes over service issues , proof you can see in youtube , but had anyone seen Indian fighting with prostitutes , never. Also we Indians like to molest and make love to women , but unfortunately Thai women are on the run, they want to have sex , take money and go for the next customer as quickly as possible. This is not wrong of Thai women , what to say their profession .
    Also Indian people are very loyal , come on Brits ( admin) you guys know better , you guys ruled us over a decade , deprived our wealth and try to look decent and gentle.
    Overall Indian have so many problems but still we try to thrive , sorry foreigners and especially Thai people , try to be polite to Indians , they are innocent , fearful , inferiority complex species on earth , don’t ignore them , try to be friendly and accept them. Any comments my email I’d: [email protected]

  27. I stumbled upon this page by accident. I have been to Thailand couple of time before – what a sad place.Besides Thailand, I have not visit any other country on this planet where human trafficking has been institutionalized – even underage Thai children are offered for sexual abuse to anyone who will pay them some money. Sad , sad state of affair in Thailand for which every Thai should be ashamed of. But I guess offering their women for prostitution is how the country makes its money. Thai women and children are exploited by the sex tourist who carry home AIDS and other STDs.

    There is always a stigma associated with visiting Thailand and I get funny looks when I mention my business trips to Thailand. Everybody around the worlds visits Thailand largely to buy the prostitutes.

    I have been to India too. At least they have dignity even if some of them are poor.

    • HI Neil,

      At the outset, i would lik to thank you for letting the Admin know, what is the reality. The admin here is a racist who has never stepped out of Bangkok. I have myself been to Thailand and many other countries several times and we respect their culture.

      ADMIN happens to claim we spoiled their country..if that is how it has happened, when we were spoiling, why were they Quiet. Someone turns the woman into prostitutes and they let it happen. ??? Strange right!!!!

      If they were true to their culture and religion, they would encourage whores and pimping in and around…There is more research to this which says THAI People rank second in unfaithful towards relationships people in the world.

      Thanks again for speaking in Favour of India

  28. indians travelling to thailand asre men between 20-40 and on the flight 90% are men of this age group , what are they travelling for ? sex tourism , 95% prostitutes in thailand are cambodia or laos . Thais or indians run the show. indians travelling there are just ignorant of the native culture and only think thailand as sex,sex and sex .Thailand is just like any other country , Asians travelling there have spoiled the name of their country . The native people are deeply religous and courteous. If you are a genuine man searching for a genuine girl then can find it in any country.Im an indian too and have travelled frequently throughout asia . Be civil and respect others culture . The writer of this article has only seen 1 side of the coin .

  29. I am Indian myself
    Why Indians are so desperate
    1] We Indians are an ugly race.
    Yes there are Bollywood good looking people in India, but most Indians peoples are genetically very ugly in face and physique. 90% of our men and women are ugly. Indians living in Punjab/Kashmir region and North East parts have more better looking peoples.
    2] Indians are racist
    We Indians have this stupid and strange belief that our women are pure creatures for marriage and women of other races like Whites, Thai etc… are only to be used for sex. We skrew their women but they cannot get ours. This way us tiny dick Indian guys with inferiority complex can feel better.
    3] We Indians are born stinky also backward Indians got money
    We are genetically a smelly race and most Indians are backward with no idea of deodorant. Few Indians are civilized but recently a lot of ‘red necked’ trash Indians suddenly got a lot of money, but their culture is backward and annoying. They are travelling throughout the world giving India a bad name.
    4] Indian men are desperate
    Indian men are desperate losers. Most Indian women are ugly and have very high opinion of themselves.
    In all the points above I have used the word ‘most’ not all so you will find Indian guys and girls who are better. But 95% of the people are a disaster genetically and culturally. Sad but true.

  30. Not all the Indians are poor, and india is not a poor country too, india is second on holding highest fund in Swiss bank, Indian love all country people and welcome with smile, Thai peoples are forgetting that Indians are relatives and ancestors, Thai peoples most know yours country history, the photo you have posted the person who is cleaning sewage, so don’t make negative thoughts on Indians and we love and respect Thai peoples

  31. I am a Indian and I am clean as you can think . Actually, I am living in USA. But I bet all those so-called Thai women are whores. They sleep for money and money only. But it is not so special sleeping with whores. You throw some dollars, they will suck ur dick like crazy. Thai women only live to get fucked for money. Too bad.

  32. This is in a very poor taste. I wish I could find a flag button.
    The pic above shows a poor man working honestly cleaning a drain to make a living for his family.
    I wonder how people like you sleep at night. But, karma has his ways.

    • Let me tell you uneducated fucker curry is no 1 fish in the world

      I live in London
      Family in Canada USA Africa Dubai etc.

      • Whose ducking your sister and mother tonight

        Some fat ugly dude

        All you do is collect money and have no morals

        I have seen 70 year old man with 20 year old Thai girls

        Dont you feel ashamed mr admin

  33. hey admin …

    you people dont know meaning of relations cultures and all …

    if indians come to their choice , we will fuck all of your family members ..if u make such insult ..and if u r corageous ..then lets make it .



  34. jesus guys. cant u see? the admin is trolling and just having fun. he will deny it im sure. just stop reacting and feeding him. some of it is true what he said. most of it is exaggerated and he knows it too and hes having fun at all you comments. even me.

  35. Okie okie okie all you Melodramatic- grammatically incorrect- unnecessarily angry and emotional Indian brothers (or for that matter my Paki cousins) I was born in India – studied in the U.K.- worked in the US and now I live in Australia. I have a Vila in Phuket that I rent out…I have a small investment in a bar ….and I know literally hundreds of Indians and Thousands of Thais ….Born in Thailand …. so shut the Fuck up and listen carefully……….
    What the Author said is 1000% correct.

    Most Indians smell reeeaaaallly bad (common I have family members that skink!)

    Most Budget tourist I see haggle for like 200-300 baht for a bar girl or massage 😡

    Soo Soo many Desi tourist even try to negotiate a “pay u 2000 …3 of us will fuck u” kinda sick sick sick deals

    Indians because of their disgusting smell and their stingy attitude are Not Welcome anywhere ….and very rightly so !!!😖

    Now ….a few of my close Indian Friends and I go to Phuket all the time ….We dress up well …look good smell good and spend a sick load of money (US$4-5000 a night) because a) we have that money to spend , but b) to show that there is a looooot of different kinda people in india – some stinky some great looking and smelling, some stingy and some crazy rich and spenders!

    So….Stop your Melodramatic rant ….Shower …Cologne up … withdraw 50,000 baht and go have a good time !
    If you can’t afford all of the above – Please please don’t go to Thailand …Turn on some porn and DIY – cool ?👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • mistry is a madarchod rich brat.. bhenchod if you are in a tropical weather, no matter what perfume you wear, you will stink…

      chinese = stinky mouth
      caucasian = smelly hairs and body odor
      india = smelly arm pit

      we have a better skin layer with malanine and that is why the sweat stink out..

      mothefucker mistry

  36. I will never come to Thailand again, i will spread this message to all my friends never go to Thailand . I have saved this post i will show it to everyone this is what Thai people think about us.

  37. A very true article, i have personally seen lunatic indian men coming in bunches as if to gangrape a woman there. These morons treat indian women as property and think the same applies all over the globe. Indian men are hated everywhere specially in Thailand so please stop making a fool of your self and stop bringing a bad name to India

  38. Hahahaha hilarious post , and the admins comments – had me rolling on the floor , I imagined him saying with that typical Thai accent -” Indians are stinky ” – too good .
    Anyways , yes some Indians are poor and Thailand is a cheap ass country to travel to , so expect some cheap ass Indians to come there
    The rest of us should be respectful to other people’s countries and behave accordingly- the plight of the Indian image will always , unfortunately, have mixed reviews .
    So fuck this backward ass admin and don’t be so offended . I think this post is hilarious , and the more discerning reader will be able to see that – the rest of you are being too sensitive or are rednecks from the west

  39. Lol !! I guss thai people are so dum !! They saw India’s village I guss thy should check out our city too !! Before they talk something about Indians !!! We are not like thai girls who does sex for money !! We are not like that !! We do hard work ! It doesn’t matter it’s which work !!

  40. I don’t know whether admin is Thai or not but as a Indian its really heartbreaking to read this article because I never visited Thailand but I used to love it and its peoples. Maybe peoples from some countries come to Thailand for sex tourism but I never had these type of lusty for Thai peoples because I had only lovely feelings for them. I thought Thai peoples are lovely and friendly peoples, I still don’t hate you peoples because I believe every country has good and bad peoples. I wanna repeat again that i don’t know whether you are Thai or not..but I’m feeling pity for your thinking. your mindset is full of shit.
    I also have to say you know nothing about India. I’m from north India and I’m not black,brown nor I stink. In north India you will find fair to fairer skin peoples.
    In northeast India you will find peoples with Mongoloid looks. maybe its surprising for some peoples but its true.
    In South India you will rearly find any white people because mostly peoples have dark and brown skins. but south India has most educated peoples than other state in India.
    South to north to northeast peoples looks different. which type of peoples you mostly see is depends on which region has more population. almost every state has own culture and speaks more than one or more than two languages.
    You wrote this article without any knowledge just to show your hate??
    feeling pity for your life!

  41. Recently in one of Philippines most exclusive hotel it came a group of rich indian women, and they got denied any room, and thrown out of the hotel because they smell shit. WHY do indian people smell so bad? Its not meant to insult, its a fact. Why??

    • the admin is a pig who only love shit.. thai girls are in a skin business due to poor education and imbalance in income.. the business they are in requires them to be smelling good all times or else no one will come closer and no business and no money to feed family..

      the buyer is always right. no matter what race.. if a stinky mouth chinese comes as a buyer and pay for sex, they go as end of day money matter unlike every other business.

      mother fucking admin, it seems you are an amature thia bastard who is trolling indians..

      no matter what looks, smell, the buyer has, the buyer is the one who is paying for service or goods and the seller must serve him as he come..

      simple business ethics you fool..

      get your filthy ass fucked with a ladyboy in thailland..poooooo

  42. dear admin do you know whats the repot of thailand in india
    if some one go thailand he become character less in socity mind
    because thailand is country which supplying whores to indian states

  43. i visited thailand last year
    girls are standing on roads with price tag and following indian men for fuck them for 400 bhatt

  44. Thailand is like a brothel for some Indians . It’s cheap to go there so few middle class poor people from India visit thailand . You people sell sex we buy it that’s it . Who wants to keep a lady who has been sleeping with how many men they dont know . We Indians are hard working people . We have money,brains and education . You won’t find good family people visiting thailand as they won’t be allowed. Regarding travelling in group , indian companies gives thailand trip for promotional purpose as it’s very cheap .Thailand has to educate itself for a better living . Thai girls are looking always for a foreign person who will make their life better . Work yourself it will be good.

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