Motels In Bangkok

What You Need To Know About Motels In Bangkok Before staying at motels in Bangkok, you have to learn more about what to look for in them. Sometimes you can get a great price on a nice room, and other times you may pay too much and not be happy with the situation at all. […]

motels in Phuket

Tips on booking motels in Phuket Finding Motels in Phuket If you have ever wanted to visit Thailand, Phuket is an excellent place to begin. There are a number of people who visit Thailand on a regular basis and for good reason. This country is a hot bed of tourism that allows people to take […]

Cheap Motels In Chiang Mai

Popular and Cheap Motels In Chiang Mai If you have are interested in planning a vacation but you only have limited funds. You can choose from various budget rates at some of the top-rated motels in the area of Chiang Mai, Thailand. These motels are smaller and he ideal option if you are in search […]

Are Thai Ladies Trustworthy?

Are Thai Girls worth engaging in a relationship and bringing home? Thai girls are extremely racist! If you are an Indian, or Pakistani – They will treat you not very good at all! If you are not a man that comes from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, or any other Western country, DO NOT expect […]

Do Thai girls like Indian men?

Do Thai girls like Indian men? Many Indians frequently travel to and visit Thailand in the hope that they will finally lose their virginity before they turn¬†40¬†years of age. Indian men are considered very desperate and dateless. The majority of Thai women are disgusted by Indian and Arab men, who expect that just by arriving […]